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ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap For A Tight Ass is a Wonderful Thing

The episode opens with Bob (Billy Gardell) driving Kemi (Gina Yashere) and Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku) home. The ladies thank him for the ride, with Kemi being snarky about it not being as fancy as Uber. Bob asks them about the ‘zoo,’ referring to their job. Abishola is confused, but Kemi explains it and continues to tease Bob.


Later on, Bob is over Abishola’s, where they joke around while cleaning the kitchen. They make fun of Olu’s reactions to how he likes her food and then reflect on how nice their time is together. He then comments on driving Kemi alone, so Abishola tells him how much Kemi has done for her in the past, so she wants to return the favor.


Olu (Shola Adewusi) comes in and Bob says he cannot eat another bite of food. He means it as a compliment, but she is insulted. Tunde (Barry Shabaka Henley) comes in, saying she will never cook it again. Bob says he will chug it, leaving Tunde comparing it to cheap beer. He says Olu got the message loud and clear.


Douglas (Matt Jones), Kofo(Anthony Okungbowa) and Goodwin(Bayo Akinfemi) are at work, where they realize there was a mistake in the order, thanks to Douglas.


Kemi is surprised to see Abishola at work she didn’t give her a ride to work with Bob. Abishola tries to gently tell her she is annoying, but Gloria(Vernee Watson) butts in about it, causing Abishola and Kemi to fight, even more after Abishola finally says Bob finds her annoying for real.


Goodwin and Kofo are in the kitchen. Kofo is upset because he thinks he is responsible for the sanfu, but Goodwin calms him down, comparing him to the tight ass keeping everything together. Christina (Maribeth Monroe) walks in and wonders why there are so many empty yogurt containers thrown around. As the guys bend over to clean it up, she says it is a tie.


Bob goes to pick up his mom’s prescription, where he runs into Chukwuemeka (Tony Tambi), Kemi’s boyfriend. He says he is banned from the store because he hurt Kemi, so the medicine is now at another CVS. This later leads to Bob and Abishola fighting when he tells her what happened.


Goodwin says he should have told Douglas how to handle his mistake, but Douglas says he got it covered. He and Kofo ask what happened, so Douglas shows them where he hid them, but not before he asks them if they really want to know… do they really want to know how a hot dog is made.


Kofo and Goodwin go through the hiding place, finding more things that Douglas hid. This leads to Goodwin giving him a talk about integrity and Douglas revealing more hiding places.


Kemi and Abishola are on the bus together, talking about Bob and how hurt Kemi feels about the issue.


The guys tell Dottie (Christine Ebersole) about Douglas’s mistake. She is glad they were honest and to burn the socks. Goodwin isn’t sure about it, but agrees when she threatens to make him pay for the mistake.


Kemi goes to talk to Bob about Abishola. She offers to help him with their relationship, asking for wine, laundry and the hot tub until he breaks. She tells him that while he may worry about being rude, Nigerians appreciate the honesty.


The next day, Bob picks up Abishola and tells her he wants them to spend the night together once in awhile. She appreciates his honesty, but she turns him down, saying it is inappropriate. He says he will book a hotel for his birthday whether she shows up or not, so mark it on the calendar.


The episode ends with Kemi and Chukwuemeka using the hot tub, upsetting Bob and Dottie joining them.

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