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ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 11/30/2020 Straight Outta Lagos

The episode opens with Bob and Abishola talking about getting married. He tries to call himself her husband in Nigerian, but calls himself a shovel, stone and male genitalia.


Bob then tells her about winning the Businessman of the Year Award, initially downplaying the significance. He asks her to be his date, but she says he said it wasn’t a big deal, leading him to admit it is actually a significant moment for him. She teases him, but finally agrees to go.


At MaxDot, Kofo and Goodwin make fun of Douglas, who is complaining about having to work the floor, while Christina and ‘Perfect Bob’ do not. They see how mad he is, and make him do more grunt work, saying they can mold him into clay.


Kemi complains to Gloria that she never eats her food. Gloria responds that Abishola always brings her lunch, but Kemi says her taste buds are dead.


Abishola says that she cannot have dinner with Kemi Friday. Kemi says they had no plans, so Abishola brags about Bob’s award. They call her the first lady of socks and Kemi tells her to embrace her inner Melania. Abishola wants to be Michelle, but Gloria tells her there is only one Michelle.


Bob tries on his tuxedo for Christina and Dottie. Dottie calls him a plus sized James Bond, while Christina complains about the politics behind him winning. She and Dottie begin to debate about the issue while Christina drinks some wine.


Douglas, Kofo and Goodwin leave work, with Douglas being excited about clocking out. They discuss plans for the night and end up going out drinking at a hole in the wall club where Douglas is well known. It is loud and filled with people dancing, so they have to yell to be heard. Douglas tells the waitress to treat the guys right.


Olu and Tundie congratulate Bob when he arrives to pick up Abishola for the ceremony. They are thrilled for him and Olu goes to give him a surprise, which Tunde tells him is a tie that has special meaning and has been in the family for generations. Bob says it is a stupid award, so Tunde tells Olu to forget the tie. Bob at least asks to see the tie, but Tunde says no.


Abishola gets ready, fixing the neckline of the dress from Hillary to Michelle to Melania.


When they arrive, Bob notices how many white people are at the event and goes to talk to a big business man named Gene. He introduces Abishola and keeps talking over her when Gene asks her questions. This continues even after she leaves to get more wine.


Douglas, Kofo and Goodwin continue to party with Douglas blowing his money on booze. Kofo and Goodwin wonder how he can spend money like this, so Douglas admits his mom pays his rent, saying it is a blessing and a curse. He says he said it could be douchey if he didn’t say it and also admits that his family must own the place because they added a pool, which is a blessing and a curse. He goes to dance, as Kofo says he can get used to this life.


Bob goes out to the hall to see Abishola, who seems annoyed. He says he also needed a break from those people, but Abishola says she needed a break from him because he never let her talk or be fun. He apologizes and he goes to accept the award.


Kofo and Goodwin are still enjoying time at the bar with Kofo trying to order more booze. Goodwin decides he wants to leave until Douglas brings over two pretty women. He orders them drinks.


Bob gives his speech, dedicating it to Abishola. One of the businessmen asks what it has to do with socks, so Abishola tells him that if he learned to speak, he would win the award. Bob tells Abishola he loves her and winning the award was nice too. He then tells them to get with the times and call it Businessperson of the year.


.The episode ends with Bob and Abishola deciding to go to his place for a nightcap and her spending the night.


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