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ICYMI: Mom Season 8 Premiere Recap

The episode opens with Bonnie (Allison Janney) and Adam (William Fichtner) driving. Adam asks Bonnie how she is doing and Bonnie replies that she is really good and asks if that is weird. Adam says it isn’t and Bonnie says she is good.

The two of them discuss Christy going to school in Georgetown, where she got a full scholarship to their law school. Bonnie recalls raising her, epsecially from 37 on…the formative years. She thinks parents who cry over kids leaving are selfish. However, they both begin to cry and decide to go back to the airport to see the plane take off.

One month later, Bonnie is in a meeting sharing about her and Adam being empty nesters. She says they learn something new about each other every day and that Christy was the one vacuuming the house. She also says that Christy may have been smart enough to get into law school, but cannot subtract from 3 or learn time zones. She says she should have taken her to kindergarten once in a while, but then says she is in law school and will be fine.

Jill (Jaime Pressly) asks if she should roll her eyes more now that Christy is gone.

Tammy (Kristen Johnston) shares about her birthday coming up and remembers how her dad tracked her down and plans to call her. She says he killed her mom and they haven’t spoken since she was fourteen. She isn’t sure what she should do. Jill feels bad about complaining about her Jacuzzi lacking bubbles.

Later on, the ladies are cleaning and discuss Tammy’s birthday. Bonnie suggests a wing place that gives a free wing for every year you are alive. She says it is the only time she is honest about her age.

Jill joins Wendy (Beth Hall) by the cookies and coffee to help clean, complaining about the mess. Wendy says Christy did more than they thought. Jill offers to pick up the slack. She goes to clean the coffee urn at Wendy’s request, but says they need a new one because it is gross.

Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) reminds them about Tammy’s surprise dinner (where they arrive at 7pm and park at the corner) when Bonnie tells them they are doing a surprise slumber party. Marjorie reminds her of the dinner, but Bonnie insists Tammy wants a slumber party, because she did when she was fourteen.

Bonnie is decorating for the party when Adam walks in, wondering what is wrong. She says she accidentally got it’s a girl balloons. Adam points out that Tammy is a girl and Bonnie accuses him of trying to make her feel better. Adam goes on to say she messed up so Jill can take over. Bonnie says they aren’t supposed to get to know each other.

At that moment, Jill arrives. She snarks on the decorations and insists on taking over. Bonnie lets her, then Marjorie shows up with a cake. Bonnie is upset it is a store bought cake and not a homemade one. Marjorie snarks that they were supposed to have a nice dinner, so they were both wrong.

Wendy, who arrived with Marjorie, asks what to do at a slumber party. It turns out Jill was the only one who ever attended/had one, so she will show them the ropes. At that point, Tammy arrives and is touched by the party.


Later on, the ladies play Never Have I Ever. Marjorie has a bit of a hard time understanding it, but finally gets it after awhile. As they all begin to reveal what they have and have not done, Wendy admits one of her patients died last week because she had two patients and one bed. She had to choose one to treat first and the other died by the time there was another bed. The ladies assure her it wasn’t her fault and Tammy tries to bring up her father killing her mother again, but Jill decides to switch the game to a choking and air supply loss game. No one thinks this is a good idea, except Tammy, who says there is also no booze or drugs.


It is time for Sex Bucket. For this game, they are to pick two names of men from the Wednesday meetings out of a bucket and choose which one they would have sex with.

Tammy: Vigorous Handshake Dave or Paul The Veteran. She chooses Paul, she doesn’t love the beard, but ‘thank you for your service.’

Wendy: Angry Mark the Meditation Teacher or Tight Jeans Tom. She chooses Tom.

Marjorie refuses to play due to it objectifying the men, so the game switches to Truth or Dare.

Bonnie goes into a convenience store with her undies over her clothes and buys the smallest condoms available, every flavor of Slim Jim and proceeds to sing You Make Me Feel to him. The others laugh outside and then Bonnie tells the cashier to ring it up to end the nightmare.

Back at the house, the ladies are giggling when Tammy’s phone rings. She thinks it might be her dad, but it is some guy from Home Depot she talks dirty to. They exchange some dirties and hang up.

Tammy asks Jill how many times per week she and Andy have sex. Jill says 12-15 times, shocking the others. She says they mix it up and role play, her favorite being realtor and open house. This leads to Tammy recalling her mom being a realtor and helping her put signs up. Bonnie hits Jill, leading to a pillow fight. Marjorie and Bonnie take it too far, leading to a fight and the two of them storming off.

They hear Marjorie sobbing and wonder what is wrong. Jill says it is not a slumber party until someone cries.

Jill says they shouldn’t take sides, but Tammy goes to talk to Bonnie, while Wendy goes to talk to Marjorie.

Marjorie says Bonnie makes her angry, but maybe she should not have hit her so hard. Wendy warns her about the raw cookie dough she is eating, causing Marjorie to say she used to huff bug spray, so this is nothing to worry about.

Tammy and Bonnie talk about the phone call Tammy is waiting for, as well as whether or not Marjorie is talking smack about Bonnie. Jill comes in to confirm this and says this is a great slumber party, even without boys and wine coolers. She tells Bonnie to beg Marjorie’s forgiveness then put her hand in hot water when she falls asleep to make her pee herself.

They go back into the living room where they see Marjorie getting ready to leave. The others want to leave too, but Bonnie goes to talk to Marjorie, who says she has something wrong with her heart. They go inside with Bonnie freaking out, but it turns out Marjorie needs a stent in her heart, not a transplant like Bonnie assumed. Marjorie admits she is afraid, so Jill has them all write and read their fears and then burn them.


Tammy finally gets the call from her dad and finds out he is also sober. She says she cannot talk because she is with her friends, but thanks him for remembering her birthday. She hangs up and Bonnie gives her a hug.


The show ends with them going to sleep when Bonnie gets a call from Christy.

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