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ICYMI: B Positive Pilot Recap

The pilot opens with Drew (Thomas Middleditch) waiting in a doctor’s office to get some test results. The nurse leaves them on the desk and leaves. As he tries to sneak a peek, the doctor walks in, telling him he is looking at the wrong results. Drew tries to cover and the doctor talks to him about peeing and his blood results.


It turns out he is in renal failure. He tries to deny it, blaming the girl who took his blood (the doctor’s daughter) and asks how he can fix it. The doctor (Jason Kravits) tells him to see a nephrologist and that he needs a new kidney. He suggests Drew ask family, which causes Drew to make a joke about Republican kidneys.


The doctor tells him this will help him pee. He says he can ask friends, but Drew doesn’t know who to ask. He then tells him to remain positive, and it’s his choice on how to do it.


Drew is home and attempting to pray when his ex-wife Julia (Sara Rue) and daughter Maddie (Izzy G) show up. Maddie is on her phone and goes upstairs, more or less ignoring Drew. He says it is a game they play, but Julia tells him that she blames him for the divorce. He says she left him and she says it is his fault.


Drew tells Julia he is going to a wedding that weekend and she snarks that he can sit at the singles table. He says she should have done that at their wedding. She asks if he is okay because he seems bleaker than usual. He says he is good, tip top. She goes to leave and he apologizes for being difficult to live with. She says thank you and leaves.


He then calls Maddie down to say he loves her because they don’t say it enough. She tells her friend on the phone her dad is so weird.


At the wedding, Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) tells one of the other bridesmaids (Kether Donahue) the guy she hooked up with at the rehearsal dinner is now ignoring her. She tries to hide, but continues to cause a ruckus, causing her to be told to shut up several times.


Later on, she is sitting on a windowsill, drunk, barefoot and smoking. She spots Drew and goes to talk to him, saying she hasn’t seen him since high school. The two of them catch up on life (Drew being a divorced dad who is a psychologist with a very real internet degree, Gina drives a senior van and had a misunderstanding expunged….and is disappointed Drew doesn’t prescribe drugs) when she asks if he is okay. He ends up telling her about needing a kidney and she offers one of hers. He thinks she is making a rash decision, which leads to her showing off her tattoo. She keeps begging to give her kidney, but he says he has some feelers out there. She is upset and falls out the window—with a stick landing.


After a montage of people reject Drew, Gina is driving her patients to their appointments, whilst singing Sir Mix A Lot with them. As she stops to drop off one off (having everyone cheer for him as he goes for his first chemo and saying the other one, named Maurice, is on the bus to Heaven), Drew gets on the bus. She remembers him and introduces him to the people on the bus, who cheer for him. She says to not let it get to his head because they cheer for yellow lights.


Drew reminds her of the wedding and offer for the kidney. She has no idea what he is talking about and blames her crazy alter ego Becca. He reminds her how she said she wanted to be in him, making her uncomfortable. He gets off the bus, but she stops him, asking if he really needs a kidney and if she really needs two. She realizes he could die (causing a passenger to ask who is dead and her reminding him former passenger Maurice died and not to worry) and offers her kidney for real. One of her other passengers, Mr. Lopez (Ramon Hilario), thinks it is for him, but Gina tells Drew he won’t remember the conversation or offer later.


Gina and one of her friends go to the doctor so she can see if she and Drew are a match. They discuss getting prescriptions and eat glaucoma brownies while waiting. Her friend wonders why she is doing this when she isn’t getting anything. Gina thinks she was saved from a car accident to do this.


Drew thinks out loud about the possibility of the kidney rejecting him and not doing things he wants to do, like walk his daughter down the aisle or see Hamilton. Gina then stops by to say she is a match, but needs to give up drugs and booze. He thinks he is going to die again, but she promises to take care of herself so she can give him her kidney. She pats what she thinks is her kidney, but it is her liver. She says that is garbage and no one will want that.


Later on, Drew goes to Gina’s place to drop off food. Some random guy (Adam Chambers) answers and he thinks he has the wrong place until he asks for Becca. He goes in to see Gina in bed hung over from a night of partying. Drew gets upset when he sees the booze and drugs and ends up fighting with Gina. She has no idea who the random guy is (who is upset over Drew messing with his cocaine, but happy he gave him food) and asks Drew about it. He has had enough and storms out, saying she can keep her kidney.

Random dude says her dad is a dick and she asks him who he is again.


At home, Drew calls to get on the list for a kidney. He is put on hold to the tune of Staying Alive and hangs up. He goes into the kitchen to see Maddie, who is on her computer. She asks him what’s up and he says nothing as he tries again to call the kidney registry, still to the tune of Staying Alive.


Drew tries to talk to Becca on her bus again, but she won’t let him on. He jumps on the windshield until she lets him on, but not before she turns the wipers on.


One of the guys asks if this is Uber now. Drew and Gina talk and he says he really needs a kidney because the list is a ten year wait. One of the women said he won’t make it because waiting on the list killed her Frankie.


They go back and forth until one of the men tells Gina to say yes or kiss him so he can get to radiation. She agrees to give him her kidney and everyone claps. The woman congratulates him and he gives his condolences about Frankie. She says she is with the Radiation Guy now and the show ends with Drew and Gina sharing a smile.

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