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Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 Episode 12 Recap

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 Episode 12 Titled “Fully Charged”

  • The episode begins with Wendy and her husband Eddie discussing their plans for their first daughter, Kamrynn, Sip and See. The purpose of this event is to allow the friends and family of the hosts to attend an event where they meet Kamrynn for the first time, but drink, engage in festive games, and celebrate life.
  • Throughout the season we have witnessed the rivalry between Eddie and Wendy’s mothers continue to perpetuate their dysfunctional family dynamic. Wendy claims it is due to her mother being a higher ranked Pilar within their Nigerian community compared to Eddie’s mother, creating animosity between the two ladies to the point that Eddie’s mother became intimidated of her’s. While most people would view this rivalry as silly, it has become so virulent that it cost Eddie the connection with his mother and siblings.
  • Ashley and Micheal Darby attend a therapy session where they discuss their issues with infidelity, and how they will proceed to conduct themselves within their marriage moving forward. Ashley is adamant about this being the LAST time this occurs, and she has no desire to incorporate any more sexual partners within the confines of her and Micaheal’s union. Micheal claims his misconduct derives from unresolved issues with his verbally abusive father mistreating him and the family.
  • Wendy throws shade at Monique while discussing how she only wants women present at Karmynn’s Sip and See that she feels her daughter should emulate. The shade comes in when within the same breath she declares how she isn’t inviting Monique by using the excuse “the other women” aren’t comfortable with her being present, hence her decision not to include her in the festivities.
  • Robin Dixon owes the irs about $90,000 in tax debt, and she seems to be “oblivious” on how this occurred (mind you a few seasons ago she was the same one chastising Karen for being in a similar situation… Intriguing)
  • Wendy gives a speech at the Sip and See thanking her mother and some of the women within her life for being exceptional examples for her and her daughter
  • Eddie is clearly hurt that his estranged family couldn’t even put their disagreements aside and show up for his first daughter. Wendy turns into wife mode and provides him supporting wise words of encouragement to focus on all the love present as opposed to the love lost.
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