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Celebrity Spotlight: Ashlynn Yennie

Ashlynn Yennie has been acting for over a decade and has shown a wide range of talent. She has been in various genres of movies and TV shows, each time captivating us with her performances.

Now fans can see her in the new Lifetime movie, Dying to be a Cheerleader, which is debuting this weekend. In the movie, she plays the titular role of Cassandra, the super sweet aunt who has to go back to high school with a bunch of cheerleaders. She was sold, not only because she was NOT playing a killer, but because she can finally experience being a cheerleader.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, she revealed that she loved playing such a different role. She was used to playing such evil characters, such as an evil stepsister or neighbor. It was a nice surprise for her to be playing someone that people loved and that Cassandra was someone nice.

While she did not give too much away, she did reveal that she takes in her niece Darcy (Dominique Booth) after the death of her mother. Darcy then ends up becoming a cheerleader, which ends up being more for either one of them have bargained for due to a series of scary events.

She also loved her incredible co-stars, who also include Nicolette Langley and Kalen Bull. She was blown away with their team spirit and professionalism, saying that it made the experience that much better. Ashlynn was also reunited with several crew members, some of whom have become family since they have worked together on other Lifetime projects.

So what is Ashlynn doing now that Dying to be a Cheerleader is getting ready to air? She reveals that there is another Lifetime movie in the works, as well as a rom-com and an indie, which she is also producing. Best of all, she is working on her favorite job of all….MOMMY.

Ashlynn remains busy making a name for herself, but her incredible personality and drive are what make her memorable.

Keep checking back for more news on Ashlynn.

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