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Big Brother All Stars Recap for 10/1/2020: Triple Eviction Time

Tonight is the historic triple elimination on Big Brother All Stars on CBS. It promises to be a crazy two hours and an episode we will not soon forget.


After the veto ceremony, Cody says he still wants to target Kevin, but wants to make David feel bad about taking the money. However, he seems to waver when Kevin apologizes to him for being abrasive earlier.


Oh, and his reasoning for not changing the nominations? He doesn’t want to get blood on his hands with the alliance.


Dr. Will comes on the TV to warn them about what is ahead, scaring everyone into thinking there is a triple elimination. It seems like Dani and Nicole are targets for Tyler and he and Christmas are the targets for Cody and Enzo.


Eviction 1:


Enzo chooses to evict Kevin.

Dani chooses to evict Kevin.

Tyler chooses to evict Kevin.

Christmas chooses to evict Kevin.

Nicole chooses to evict Kevin.

Memphis chooses to evict Kevin.


In a unanimous vote, Kevin is evicted from the Big Brother Household and sent to the jury.  He hugs everyone and goes to talk to Julie. He talks about being an inspiration, his experience on the show and some important conversations that were had and need to be had. He then sees his goodbye messages and heads to the jury house.


HOH competition! Everyone needs to answer some true or false questions and the last one standing will win. Cody must sit out because he is the outgoing HOH.


Order of Elimination:










He decides to put Nicole and David on the block….causing the alliance to start to crumble. The veto competition begins right away and consists of Enzo, Nicole, David, Christmas Dani and Tyler. They have to go on a balance beam, walk to the other side and solve a puzzle. The first one to do so wins! Christmas gets to the end and solves her puzzle first, giving her the POV which she does not use. This means Nicole and David have to give their speeches before one of them goes to jury.


Eviction 2:

In a 3-2 vote, David is evicted from the Big Brother Household and becomes Juror #4. He leaves the house and talks to Julie about his time on the show before heading to the jury house.


HOH2! This is another True or False competition. Memphis has to sit out because he is the outgoing HOH. Tyler wins after question four and becomes the next HOH. He quickly chooses Nicole and Dani as his nominees.


Veto competition 2! Everyone except Memphis is playing this competition. It is very similar to the previous one, where they are on the balance beam and have to put pieces on the other side. If someone falls, they are out.


Tyler wins and keeps the nominations as is, leading to more speeches from Nicole and Dani. Nicole cries and Dani promises to put Tyler and Christmas on the block if she is the next HOH.


In a unanimous vote, Dani is eliminated. She goes out to talk to Julie before she heads off to become juror #5.


More on MONDAY this week and Julie confirmed there will be no returning houseguests. Stay tuned.

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