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Richard Jardine of Skypod Preserves Memories

Making memories is something that is incredibly important to us all. Being able to save and share those memories is even more special. This is why Skypod is one of the best companies in the world today. Not only do you make memories, but you are able to share them and look back at them in the future.

Richard Jardine is the proud owner and the brains behind the company. He recently told TVGrapevine that this is a product made for everyone and anyone. He says it is the best way for people to leave memories for loved ones after when they are gone. While this can be challenging, it is something he feels is important, comparing it to estate planning. He wants people to know that they can share anything from documents to pictures on this platform, saving it in a special file they can go back to whenever they want.

Another thing that makes this product special is that the company is they try to help as many people as possible receive this amazing product. They offer codes and other special deals so that nobody is ever turned away. For more information on how to make this happen, please visit

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