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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 9/2/2020: Season 10 Reunion Part 1

Tonight is part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Teddi, Garcelle, Denise, Lisa, Dorit, Sutton, Kyle and Erika will reunite for the first times since the season aired.

After a quick sneak peek, we begin the reunion. Andy makes comments about everyone’s outfits and then we get down to business.

We take a look at Garcelle’s biggest moments on her first season. Everyone gives comments and reactions to everything. Andy questions Kyle on her being the least welcoming to Garcelle. She claims she is nothing but nice and they get into it on how Kyle sometimes bulldozes people. Dorit agrees and Denise says Kyle talks at people and brings things back to herself.

Kyle says Garcelle never paid what she owed at the charity event she held and laces into her. Garcelle denies this and tells her that she better watch what she says. Garcelle says Kyle uses Twitter to attack her and they continue to fight over how they treat each other.

Andy asks Garcelle about being the first black woman in the franchise. She says it was cool, but there were some difficulties.

A fan asks Erika why she hit it off with Garcelle when it took her longer to hit it off with the others. She says Garcelle is cool, and they just got along.

Garcelle is asked about raising biracial kids and a time she got pulled over by the cops. She explains how she handled things and this is something that is a long time coming. The other ladies chime in about getting educated on racial issues and how they talk to their kids. Garcelle compliments Kyle on how she is trying to learn and teach.

Erika talks about how her son is a cop and how he is dealing with things. She also thanks Garcelle for being the first one to reach out to check on him.

Sutton discusses her bad dates and her plan on possibly moving. We get a look at her time on the show as well. Dorit apologizes to her about their misunderstandings. Sutton calls her out on it and says she could have handled it differently. They go back and forth a bit and Sutton tells her things can be done privately.

We get a bit more into Sutton’s life, including the hot mayor, gifts she gave them and other interesting moments. Erika thinks she gives from the heart, as does Dorit.

Teddi talks about the ‘boring’ comment, but says she was more upset about the pregnancy comment. This leads to Andy reading comments from viewers on Sutton’s personality.

Denise is the next one in the hot seat and we get a recap of her storylines. She gets some fan questions and is attacked by Lisa when she tries to answer why her kids didn’t go to Kyle’s BBQ. They keep attacking her about lying and things she said previously.

Erika and Teddi think Denise is making them look bad, while Dorit tries to defend her.

The ladies accuse Denise of gaslighting and attack her for lying and being a hypocrite.

More next week, stay tuned.

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