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Lost & Found on Buzzr

ust when you thought you’d seen it all – BUZZR is ready to reveal some rarely viewed, but extra enjoyable game show treasures this September.

YES, it’s time to celebrate something, so let’s raise a retro wine glass and toast to BUZZR’s 5th Annual ‘Lost & Found’ television event. CHEERS, baby!

Catch a marathon of six obscure, short-lived game shows from the 50’s and 60’s unique to this fan-favorite festival.

And although these shows are rare, you can expect to see some familiar BUZZR faces like Peggy Cass, Kitty Carlisle, and Orson Bean just to name a few.

Be sure to mark your calendars on Sunday, September 27th from 4p-8p ET as these “off-beat” episodes might just never ever be seen again! Talk about a quarantine indulgence.

This Sunday, the network’s 5TH Annual Lost & Found selection is full of hidden gems such as Call My BluffNumber PleaseSay When!!What’s Going On? and more.

Yes, you read correctly…What’s Going On?… the rare game show that premiered in November of 1954 and only ran for 5 whole weeks!

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