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Celebrity Spotlight: Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell is a fantastic actress and an even better person. Not only is she one of the sweetest women I know, but she is teaching others how to appreciate what they have with her new show Trash vs. Treasure.

The Diagnosis Murder alum hosts and executive produces this new show, which airs on UMC  and Amazon Prime. The show helps people, particularly in low income situations see what is in plain sight and make it into something new and useful. This is something that is important to her, having grown up in the foster care system for eighteen years. No matter where she was, she appreciated what she had and made use of everything she was given. She uses the show to teach people the same thing, as well as to be grateful for the simplest things that they have in their possession or that they can get secondhand.

The show also gives ideas on how to repuropse things already in the house, not just to save money, but to prevent an overabundance of stuff. For example, one can take cardboard and make it into a shelf or turning an ironing board into a desk. This is especially important to her in this day and age when things are uncertain.

Another thing that makes this show so special is the fact that Victoria manages to make each episode a teachable moment without coming across as tone deaf. She sites her foster mothers as examples of how to not take shortcuts in life and how to work hard in order to get ahead. She is setting a wonderful example for women everywhere and becoming a role model in a whiole new way.



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