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Big Brother All Stars Recap for 9/24/2020: Who Went to Jury?

Tonight is the seventh eviction on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. Either Da’Vonne of Kevin will go to jury, where they will join the previously evicted Ian.


The show picks up post POV ceremony, where people in the house are suspicious of the relationship between Dani, Nicole, Kevin and Da’Vonne. Dani actually wants to save Da’Vonne, but doesn’t think she can get enough people to agree to save her. Da’Vonne, for her part, refuses to campaign because she doesn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction.


However, Kevin talks to Memphis about staying in the house. Memphis assures him he is safe. Then Kevin talks to Da’Vonne and tells her Nicole voted to evict Ian, not David. She thinks he is lying and goes to Nicole to confront her with this information. Nicole denies that she voted to evict Ian, but after Da’Vonne leaves says she will tell her the truth when the time is right.


Enzo and Memphis make two different final three deals with both Christmas and Cody. They both accept, but Christmas still has loyalty to Tyler.


Dani tries to talk Christmas into voting for Da’Vonne. However, Christmas seems to not like Dani and decides to remain loyal to the guys. This leads to her running up to Memphis to tell him Dani’s plan and they need to get David on their side to target Dani and Nicole.


Meanwhile, Christmas lures David onto her side, promising him safety until the top eight and revealing how Dani and Nicole set him up to be the fall guy last week.


Live eviction time! In a 5-2 vote (thanks to Nicole and Dani), Da’Vonne is evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to jury. She says goodbye and spends some time with Julie before joining Ian.



Dr. Will is back as a neighbor! Next week is a triple eviction! HOH competition can lead to prizes and power! Stay tuned!

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