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Big Brother All Stars Recap for 9/23/2020: Who Won POV?

Tonight is the seventh veto competition on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. In the last episode, we saw Kevin and Da’Vonne go on the block, thanks to Memphis. David is his actual target, but he doesn’t want anyone to know that just yet.


Kevin is upset about being on the block, so he goes to talk to Memphis, who assures him he is safe.


Dani is upset with Da’Vonne for not listening to her last week. Da’Vonne, for her part suspects Memphis is either backdooring David or in an alliance with him. She talks to Kevin about what is happening and he tells her that he is a winner because he has her as a friend.


Veto competition! Da’Vonne, Kevin and Memphis are joined by Tyler, Nicole and Dani. It is an interesting combination because Da’Vonne and Kevin think Dani and Nicole are in an alliance with them, but David is the one who is really on their side. The Committee is also suspicious about the side deals that are happening.


Memphis tells Dani, Tyler and Nicole to throw the competition so he can backdoor David. They think this is a bad idea, but lead him to believe that this is the right thing to do. Cody gets wind of the plan and tells Tyler this is a bad idea and they need to split up Kevin and Da’Vonne.


Memphis also assures Da’Vonne and Kevin they are safe, but they don’t trust him at all.


Zingbot is back and makes snarky comments about everyone.


“I cant believe I’m here on ‘Big Brother’ All-Stars and, frankly, I can’t believe you’re here either…David!” Zing!

“Enzo! What’s more pathetic than a man in his 40’s still calling himself the Meow-Meow? Nothing.” Zing!

“Memphis! Most people think of you as Dan’s number one. But to me, you’re more of a giant number two!” Zing!

“Cody! You are a perfect 10. But enough about your I.Q.” Zing!

“Dani! From your first season on ‘Big Brother,’ you looked like an old pro. Now you just look old!” Zing!

“Christmas! What’s the difference between you and the holiday season? One is cold, stress-inducing and annoying. And one is the holiday season.” Zing!

“Kevin! I came up with a nickname that captures you perfectly and has a great ring to it…booooring!” Zing!

“Tyler! What do you call someone who says the real winner gets the girl, not the $500,000? A liar!” Zing!

“Da’Vonne! You’ve done three seasons of ‘Big Brother’ and two seasons of ‘The Challenge.’ So I’m dying to know, which reality show do you plan to lose next?” Zing!

“Nicole! I wrote a song for you. Here comes the bride, she loves to whine and cry. Every time I hear her voice I want to f***ing die!” Zing!


Thank you Gold Derby for the quotes!


Veto competition time! Everyone has to chase escaped alien tigers and put them in cages. The one who does it in the fastest time wins.


The win goes to Tyler, which upsets Da’Vonne because she knows he won’t use the POV. Memphis asks him what he plans to do and Tyler makes it clear he doesn’t trust Da’Vonne. This leads to Memphis questioning if he can trust anyone in the house.


POV meeting time. Tyler does not use the power and tomorrow we will see if Da’Vonne or Kevin get evicted. Stay tuned.

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