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America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/1/2020: The Final Quarterfinals

Tonight is the final quarterfinal round for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Eleven acts will perform, but only five will move to the next round.



Terry Crews hosts, while Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum judge. Simon Cowell is still out due to his back injury.


CA Cheerleaders: They are like Bring It On and Cheer on steroids. While it is a bit more dance than cheer, their choreography is on point and they have amazing timing. How a group that big manages to stay so in sync is mind blowing, but they do it beautifully.


The judges love their energy and moves, but Howie prefers their initial performance.


Kenadi Dodds: For some reason, my TV interrupted the first part of her act. It is disappointing, because from what I was able to see, she killed it with an original song. Her talent reminds me of Grace Vanderwaal.  Win or lose, she has a huge career in music.

Howie is not a fan of her song, but the ladies enjoyed her performance….even though Sofia preferred the first one.



Lightwave Theatre: They had a lot of issues due to the pandemic and living in Romania, but they power through to practice and make their performance as amazing as possible. They tell a story about the same girl and dog from their audition. This time, they are giving their neighbor a puppy to help her feel less lonely.


Howie buzzes them because he feels the performance was too depressing. However, the ladies really enjoyed it and the story it was telling. Sofia thinks the first one was better though.


Resound: The sing Andrea Bocelli’s Fall on Me. They definitely set the bar for tonight and I have no doubt that they will make it to the semifinals. I was beyond amazed by how wonderful they did. I cannot wait to hear what they do next.

The judges are blown away and think they set the bar for the night.


Divas and Drummers of Compton: I am impressed that the director is dancing while pregnant. The performance reminds me of high school football games or Homecoming week. They gave CA Wildcats a run for their money, but both are amazing in their own way.

Howie calls them his favorite of the night, while the ladies agree that they are inspirational and uplifting.


Celina: She is by FAR my favorite act of the night. Her voice is incredible and powerful, but I just love her for always being her with no apologies. She is such a fantastic role model for everyone out there who feels different and a wonderful reminder to be yourself.

The judges think she is a memorable highlight of the night.


Noah Epps: This kid is probably one of the best child acts the show has ever seen. I am impressed not only by his act, but by all the imagination he puts into it. That is a lot of talent and work for someone so young and I cannot wait to see what he does next. I have a feeling he is going to get his own show soon. Between those moves, the imagination and his personality, we have the next big hit in him.

Howie doesn’t comment, but both Heidi and Sofia love him, comparing him to Maddie Zeigler and complimenting the artistry of the performance.


Alex Hooper: He reads a bedtime type story, where he roasts the judges….and yes, that includes Simon. It is a bit off color when it comes to Sofia, but it is still quite interesting to hear. If nothing else, the storytelling and rhymes are clever.

Howie compares him to Don Rickles, while Sofia buzzes him.  Heidi just roasts him.


Broken Roots: They were initially sent home, but got the call to be a replacement act for someone who had to drop out. They definitely proved that they belong here. Not only do they have a sweet, gentle presence, but their voices have a comforting feel to it. I cannot explain it, but listening to them gave me a sense of peace.

The judges think that they are meant to be there, but Howie also wonders if they are anything more than a coffee house band.


Bello Sisters: I feel like I am at a Cirque du Soleil show, The lights, the balance, the dance….it has a little something for everyone in there and I am totally here for it. I also love how they are doing this for their mom, who was a performer herself until her partner died.

The judges think they absolutely belong in Vegas.


Brandon Leake: What a way to end the night. This kind of spoken word act is like nothing we have ever seen before, but everything we need right now. I am crying, shaking and have goosebumps right now….holy cannoli! It is so current, so powerful and shares a message we all need to hear.

The judges are blown away by the powerful, current message he is sharing and proud to be here to witness it tonight.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!

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