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9/11 Documentaries Airing on History Tonight

 HISTORY recounts the tragic events of September 11, 2001 with two new one-hour documentaries, “9/11: The Final Minutes of Fight 93” and “9/11: The Pentagon,” and is proud to present an original 8-part podcast, Blindspot: The Road to 9/11, hosted by WNYC reporter Jim O’Grady and co-produced in partnership with WNYC Studios. Premiering Friday, September 11 at 8pm and 9pm ET/PT, the impactful documentaries provide a unique and unsettling perspective on the historic events that took place on United Flight 93 and at the Pentagon that fatal day. Debuting Wednesday, September 9, the podcast series will bring together the voices of U.S. government and intelligence officials, national security experts, associates of the terrorists and more to tell the little-known story of the lead-up to September 11.
“HISTORY is dedicated to remembering the catastrophic events of September 11 with compelling and new premium content,” said Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President and General Manager for HISTORY. “We are honored to continue to commemorate the unrelenting bravery of the individuals who lost their lives that day – one Americans and our history will never forget.”
On September 11, 2001, one hijacked plane never reached its target when United Flight 93 crashed in rural Pennsylvania. In “9/11: The Final Minutes of Flight 93,” previously classified streams of evidence are combined to piece together what really happened in a gripping minute-by-minute account. Evidence includes secret service documents, air traffic control transmissions, phone records, voicemails, first person testimony and a top-secret audio recording that reveals details of United Flight 93’s crucial final moments. Premiering Friday, September 11 at 8pm ET/PT on HISTORY, it’s a story of heroism in the face of tragedy and sheds light on some of the biggest mysteries of that fateful flight.
On September 11, 1941, the U.S. War Department broke ground on a massive new five-sided headquarters that would rise to become the ultimate symbol of the American military. Sixty years to the day after construction began, a hijacked airliner crashed into the building as part of the largest coordinated terrorist attack ever on American soil. Told by the men and women who lived it, “9/11: The Pentagon” premiering Friday, September 11 at 9pm ET/PT on HISTORY, is the dramatic story of what happened inside the building in the harrowing minutes after impact; a raw eyewitness account of tragedy, heroism and survival on the day that forever transformed a nation.
While the devastating images of the September 11 attacks are seared into our national collective memory, most of the events that led up to that day took place out of public view. Over eight episodes, Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 will bring to light the decade-long “shadow struggle” that preceded the attacks. The podcast series will discuss the existential threat at stake in every turn, the human drama of political motives and personal ambitions, and the glaring mistakes and unfortunate blind spots that led to the modern world’s single most devastating act of political terrorism. Beginning Wednesday, September 9, the series can be heard on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCast and all other platforms where podcasts are available.
Hosted by WNYC reporter Jim O’Grady and based on HISTORY’s television documentary “Road to 9/11,” the podcast series will draw on interviews with more than 60 people – including FBI agents, high level bureaucrats, journalists, experts, and people who knew the terrorists personally – and weaves them together with original reporting to create a gripping, serialized narrative audio experience.
“9/11: The Final Minutes of Flight 93” is produced for HISTORY by Naked Television. Simon Andreae serves as executive producer for Naked Television. Dolores Gavin and Jim Pasquarella serve as executive producers for HISTORY.
“9/11: The Pentagon” is produced for HISTORY by Railsplitter Pictures in association with The Nacelle Company. Executive producers are Matthew Ginsburg and Tim Healy for Railsplitter Pictures. Brian Volk-Weiss and Cisco Henson are executive producers for The Nacelle Company. Kristen Burns serves as the co-executive producer. Zachary Behr serves as executive producer for HISTORY.
Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 is co-produced by HISTORY and WNYC Studios The 8-part podcast series is based on the television documentary “Road to 9/11,” produced by Left/Right for HISTORY.
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