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Wipeout: Meet Casting Director Katy Wallin

Katy Wallin is an incredible, sweet woman who is the brains behind casting the hit series Wipeout. Her job is to make sure they get an eclectic cast that gets America talking.


Now the show is back and better than ever on a new network (TBS), new adventures and new people. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, she talked about casting, what she would say during her own audition and more. Check out the highlights below.


  1. Katy said that due to the COVID19 pandemic, casting is being held online via Zoom. All cast members are paired with either one or two people and must be from the Southern California area.

Once people apply (via, a talent team will go through each application, looking for fierce, fun personalities who will stand out among the rest. They want people who are fun, dynamic and are of course, competitive. After looking at each application, they choose people who they feel fit this profile, they will bring them to the next round, which is another Zoom video. Eventually, they will narrow it down and pick their cast.


  1. So what will happen with the show during the COVID pandemic? While Katy is not a producer, to the best of her knowledge, they are taking every precaution possible to make sure it is safe for the show to go on. However, she says that when it comes to the casting calls, there is no safer way to go about it than using Zoom!


  1. If Katy were to audition, she would talk about her production company Mystic Art productions, how she discovered the Power Rangers, and began working at 22. She is motivated by being a cheerleader and is a born entrepreneur.


  1. People would be surprised to know that she initially planned to be a police officer. She even considered law school and an FBI career. However, it took one big life change and thanks to a sliding door moment, she ended up in Hollywood and never looked back.


  1. Katy has been very busy with work and considers herself to be blessed to be working during such uncertain times. However, she loves taking time to unwind by watching television shows, including Little Fires Everywhere and Lava on the Floor.


Best of all, Katy is a true role model and inspiration to all, especially fierce, independent women!

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