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Sammi’s Favorite Things: Hab

We are in the dog days of summer, which means that we have humidity and heat, causing us to get dehydrated. Many of us choose water in order to quench our thirst, but let’s face it, we can only drink SO much plain water before we get bored with it. What is one to do?

Enter Hab! This brand new product is guaranteed to get you drinking water like it is going out of style….all while being in style.

Invented by Shane McCassy, this product not only makes your water taste great, but also is good for the environment. The tablets (which come in lemon lime and clementine) are made with only six ingredients and have natural flavoring. The packaging is plastic free and  made from 100% post consumer material. In short, it is not only healthy for you, but it will help keep the planet healthy as well!

Want more information? Visit and stay tuned for our exclusive with Shane!

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