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Big Brother 22 Season Premiere Recap: Who Are The All Stars?

"BIG BROTHER" ALL-STARS Logo Photo: CBS @2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Tonight is the season premiere for Big Brother 22 on CBS. It has been a crazy season already due to COVID19 restrictions and diagnoses, but now it is GAME ON! Julie Chen Moonves is hosting, as per usual.


It is also the 20th anniversary of the show!


The episode is also LIVE. WOW.


This is a season filled with All Star players from seasons past and for once, nobody knows who has been chosen for the cast. Expect the unexpected, indeed!


The houseguests will be introduced in four groups and they will compete against each other for a chance to win HOH. In other words, the four people in group one will compete, with the top two competing for HOH and so on until each group is done competing, then they will compete against each other.


Group 1:

Nicole Franzel: Season Day17, and season 18 winner

Dani Donato Briones: Season 8 runner up and season 13

Da’Vonne Rogers: Seasons 17 and 18

Christmas Abbott: Season 19


Julie says everyone is clear and DO NOT have COVID1. There is no live audience and they will be in the Big Brother Bubble.


The four enter the house and the competition begins. They have a question they must answer in a four minute time period. As mentioned before, the top two will go to the HOH competition.


Once they are in the house, they may remove their masks. They didn’t show the question, but they have to answer using a planko type contraption. Only Christmas correctly answers in the allotted time, so she moves to the HOH competition.


They are hidden and the next group is introduced.


Tyler Crispen: Season 20 America’s Favorite Houseguest/runner up

Ian Terry: Season 14 winner

Kevin Campbell: Season 11 runner up

Enzo Palumbo: Season 12


They also do the competition after getting the same spiel from Julie. Ian and Kevin are the winners, giving them a chance to compete for HOH.


Group 3:

Janelle Pierzina: Seasons 6, 7 and 14

Bayleigh Dayton: Season 20

Nicole Anthony: Season 21 America’s Favorite Houseguest

Keesha Smith: Season 10 America’s Favorite Houseguest


The competition begins again, this time with only Nicole winning. Janelle and Bayleigh came close, but unfortunately the balls fell off the planko board and they lost.


Group 4:

Kaysar Ridha: Seasons 6 and 7

Cody Calafiore: Season 16 runner up

Memphis Garrett: Season 10 runner up

David Alexander: Season 21


They do the competition, with Memphis and Cody winning.


The all stars all meet for the first time and everyone is thrilled and excited…to the point where Julie tells them to calm down or the last person seated will be evicted. Everyone decides to listen so they can stay.


HOH competition! They have to walk on raised stars without falling and whomever has the fastest time wins. If they fall, they must start over.


Memphis: 1:12:22

Cody: 22.06

Christmas: 22.07


Nicole A:



Once the final three went past Cody’s time, it immediately ended for them, therefore, their times were not revealed.


Cody wins! Everyone else who competed gets an envelope with either a prize or a have not. Christmas gets $5,000, while the rest are have nots, so they get to spend the week with slop, cold showers and an uncomfortable room.


Cody also has a talk with Julie about how much time has past since he has competed. He was determined to win HOH to guarantee him at least one week in the house without being evicted.


Twist time! There will have a safety suite which will have something everyone will want. There will be other rooms revealed as well….stay tuned Sunday to find out more.

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