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Celebrity Spotlight: Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen is one of the most recognized actors on television and in movies. He has done every genre known to man and always leaves fans enchanted by his work. In short, he is one of the unsung heroes in show business.

Now the Falcon Crest alum can be seen in Big Dogs, which is streaming on Prime Video and Tubi. In the show, he plays Captain McKeutchen, which might possibly be one of his best roles to date. 

He recently talked to TVGrapevine about the experience and life. Check out some highlights below.

1. He thinks the entire cast has done such a wonderful job, saying the way it was shot (and the budget they had) was ingenious. He is very proud of the work they did and the end result of the show, saying that he would wake up every morning and look forward to working because he enjoyed working with everyone.

Brett also had nothing but good things about the writing and storytelling, declaring it wonderful.

2. Brett says that when he first got the script, he was asked if he had ever done Shakespeare. He initially wondered why, but said that he had indeed done it in the past. 

Once he got the script, he understood why, since there were several monologues involved. To him, it was gratifying to do, especially since it delved into the ‘what if’ scenario of what was going on, as well as other aspects you will need to see to understand. Once he knew the backstory of his character, he was really able to delve into it even more and make it into what he thought he should be—-with a New York accent to boot. 

3. Another joy for Brett was getting to work with Jeff Kober, who plays Captain DiBiasi. They had been old friends, which made the experience that much more fun. He also spoke very highly of his other co-stars, saying everyone brought joy to the project. 

However, his favorite costar is his daughter Harper! 

4. He has another series that was just picked up that will hopefully begin shooting once things open up again. It is about the LA Lakers and something he is very proud to be a part of. He also is in a movie with Hugh Jackman, which is tentatively expected to come out next year. 

5. Despite being a ‘tough guy,’ he admits he is a bit of a softie. He admits to being emotional at times, which he also credits to his training as an actor. He teaches his students to connect emotions to their work so it truly comes from the soul. 

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