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Music Spotlight: Keri Wirth

TVGrapevine is happy to introduce Keri Wirth, the new music superstar.
-Tell me a bit about how your career began.
I had recently completed a dance album that was being considered by Sony, Interscope and Octone records. I was advised to build an audience and I wasn’t motivated to travel around selling my music because I had severe stage fright.
I absolutely loved writing and recording but wasn’t inspired to perform. I pushed myself to go forward and perform regardless of the fact that I wasn’t loving it. I considered ways to truly enjoy my audience. I had a feeling about children. I had never babysat or even thought of working with children but I had a feeling they would be a tricky audience and I needed to try this demographic to challenge myself. I signed up for a course called Music Together-a program of music for families with babies and toddlers. It was a four day course in Princeton, NJ.
On the first day I watched around 100 babies with families and their response to music. I was blown away by how powerful music was as a communication tool with the children. I called my husband that evening and told him this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life.-What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far?
Being a parent to two wonderful children. Believing in myself enough to follow my creative dream and turn it into reality.One of my favorite quotes is from PT Barnum-

‘The most noblest art is that of making others happy’

This also is one of my greatest accomplishments.

-Who influences you as a writer/artist?
Disney- Alan Menkin
Bob Dylan
Vampire Weekend
Cyndi Lauper
Gwen Stefani

-Who are some people/companies you want to collaborate with?

-What’s next for you? Anything new and exciting in the works?
The social distancing environment has inspired me to create videos and content for Social Media. I miss interacting with everyone in person so I am trying to set the stage for home interaction in a way that my audience reacts well to. I am hoping fun recorded and live videos with my original songs might bridge the long distance gap between me and my little friends.

-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself.
I played division 1 soccer at Cornell and was planning on becoming a doctor😊

-What are you watching on TV these days?
The Handmaids Tale
Little Fires Everywhere

-Where can people learn more about you?

-Anything else you want to tell America?
Enjoy your families and have gratitude for each other. Never take love for granted❤️

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