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Celebrity Spotlight: Dreya Weber

Dreya Weber is incredibly talented, beautiful and has a heart of gold. She is an actress, aerialist, former Olympian and has performed with some big named divas throughout her very impressive career.

Now her latest movie The Aerialist is being released today on many streaming platforms. Dreya recently sat down with TVGrapevine (via Zoom!) in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. The movie is a sequel to The Gymnast, which was released in 2006. At that time, Dreya’s character Jane sees her Olympic dreams end due to an injury. She begins an aerial act with a woman named Serena, which ended up being a life changing experience.

This movie picks up several years later, with Jane facing several new challenges, including age, competition and cruelty of people trying to end her career. While I won’t give too much away, I can say we will get to see Jane stronger and more determined than ever as she continues to work hard and achieve her dreams.

2. While Dreya enjoyed making this movie, it didn’t come without challenges. One of them was getting people together to film. Since they were on a budget, she had several people work for food..literally. She hired them to be in the movie and would cook for them in exchange for their work.

She says it actually ended up being a wonderful experience because not only did the movie become a success, but she also got to know and work with some of the most dedicated people she has ever met.

3. Now that the movie has been released, it is time for Dreya to think of what is next! While several of her projects have been put on hold due to the pandemic, she looks forward to going back to work once given the go-ahead.

One project is a Magic Mike revue in Australia, which she hopes will happen at the end of the year. She also plans to work on some Zoom projects, so stay tuned!

4. She toured with Cher. That’s right, she worked with the diva herself during her Living Proof farewell tour in the early 2000s. She did one of the major aerial acts, which she said was one of t highlights of her career.

So what was Cher like? Dreya said that she was one of the kindest, most caring people she has ever met. She admits it was a bit intimidating to meet her, but says it was incredible. The women bonded over shoes and Dreya said Cher would also treat her and her fellow tour mates to fun, interesting things when they weren’t working.

5. When Dreya herself isn’t working, she can be found either cooking or in her garden. She has an eighty year old lemon tree, which she loves taking care of (despite some challenges) and several other plants and veggies.

As for her cooking, she loves making her famous Brussels sprouts, various veggie dishes, pasta and of course, cheese! Her favorite is a mozzarella ricotta dish that she says she eats often and never gets tired of making…or consuming.

The Aerialist is out now!

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