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Five Fast Facts About Brian Levin 

Brian Levin is an incredibly talented man who has worked on many projects, including Flock of Dudes and Boys in Blue. He has acted, directed, produced and written several projects, making him the jack (or Brian) of all trades. His talent is undeniable and his work ethic is second to none. 

Now he is getting ready to release his newest project Union Bridge on May 19th. It is an indie movie with a good mix of thriller and horror, as well as other fun elements. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Brian opened up about making the film and other things in his life. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. The multi-hyphenate talent said that this movie was actually conceived when he heard a story about a man who was looking for gold in a small town. There was a legend involved in the story and it got him thinking about the psychology of wanting to do this, and thus….the movie was born! 

2. For him, the biggest challenge was working on a budget. Since this was an indie movie, money was limited, so there was a smaller margin of error. There were only a couple of chances to get things right, so time and money were of the essence. However, everyone worked well together and it went off without a hitch. It was a very exciting time for him and he is proud of how everything turned out.

3. Brian also spoke very highly of the cast, which includes Scott Friend, Emma Duncan and Elisabeth Noone. He says everyone was very easy to work with and very talented.He and a casting director went to NY and Maryland to help find the right actors for the movie and he is thrilled with how well everyone worked together.


4. Now that this movie is getting ready to air, Brian is hard at work on his next projects. While he could not give too much away, he did reveal that he is writing several scripts, including a film noir. He looks forward to sharing those when the time comes and getting the fan reaction.

5. Fans would be surprised to know that Brian is a former doubles champion in tennis. He played while he was in school and still plays on occasion. However, although he was good at the game, he preferred playing soccer. 

Keep checking back for more news on Brian and his career. 

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