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Celebrity Spotlight: Lauren Lee Smith

Celebrity Spotlight: Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith is beautiful, talented and an overall sweetheart. She has been in many television shows and movies, making a wonderful impression with each one. 

She can currently be seen in the Frankie Drake Mysteries,which will premiere its new season this weekend. Lauren plays the title character and impresses viewers with each passing episode. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Lauren gushed about the show, life and more. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 

1. Lauren describes the show as an all female detective agency that deals with a lot of cases and shenanigans. The show takes place in the 1920s, giving it a different kind of vibe. It is a show with female empowerment and something that keeps viewers coming back for more. 

2. Since being on the show, Lauren got to learn a lot of new and interesting skills. Some of her favorite things to learn were boxing and how to ride a motorcycle. She admits that it was hard work, but at the end of the day it was all worthwhile. In fact, she now does boxing in real life and even has her motorcycle license!

3. This season promises to showcase more of each woman. While she could not give too much away, she promised that we are going to see an independent side to each woman. We are also going to see their talents develop in more specific ways, which is something that viewers will enjoy seeing.

4. So what else is Lauren doing these days? When she is not on the show, she is focusing on her life as a wife and mom. There is also another super secret project in the works, but you will need to tune in to see what it is!

5. Despite the fact that she is an incredible actress, Lauren admits that she is actually very shy. In fact, she began acting (thanks to her mom) as a way to come out of her shell and do things she would never normally do.  She fell in love with acting and taking on different personas and hasn’t looked back since.

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