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Sammi’s Favorite Things: Hub Turbo 10K

Like many people, I use my cell phone frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, that usually leads to my battery dying more often than I would like. As a journalist who relies on her phone, this can get quite frustrating.

Enter Hub Turbo 10K. It is by far the BEST portable  charger on the market.  It has Android and IPhone wires attached to it and a battery life that lasts for hours. The charger, which can be found on Amazon, is also a favorite of Kim Kardashian, who loves it for traveling. It also allows you to attach your own wire, which is perfect for when you need to charge multiple electronics!

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The Kardashians are known for their extravagant vacations in exotic locales, which is pretty unrealistic for a majority of us, but we can take a page out of Kim Kardashian’s pool-side and travel must-have’s with the affordable Hub Turbo 10K. The ultimate portable charger from myCharge features built-in Apple Lightning and USB-C charging cords as well as fold out wall prongs on the back to directly recharge the unit. Spring breakers can simply slip the charger in their bag and never miss an Instagram-worthy snapshot or scramble looking for an open wall outlet.


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