Celebrity Spotlight: Tobie Windham

Tobie Windham

Tobie Windham has been acting for several years and always manages to impress us with his amazing performances. However, nothing tops his current project, Just Roll With It, a Disney show that brings the channel to a whole new level.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the What if He Wins alum talked about the show, guest stars he wants to see appear and a secret talent. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1.  He describes the show, which follows the lives of an interracial, blended family, as a part scripted, part improv show. It is the equivalent of a choose your own adventure,where the audio audience helps pick out what happens in key scenes.He thinks it is a wonderful, creative show that allows him to flex his acting and comedic chops.

2.Tobie loves how the show hits on different topics and would like them to take it a step further in future episodes. For example, he would love to see the show delve deeper into the interracial issue. He hopes that it will open up discussions with families and help each children in a Disney-appropriate way.

3. He has a whole laundry list of people he would love see guest star on the show. His op choices are Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx and Anthony Anderson. He would also love for Whoopi Goldberg and Paul Rudd to make appearances in the future.

4.In addition to acting, Tobie is big into marital arts.He is trained in Brazilian jujitsu and karate, holding black belts in both.

5. He is also a huge fan of cooking. Tobie loves being in the kitchen and whipping up fun, creative meals for his friends and family. He even admits that he is one of those people who can take four random ingredients in the kitchen and make it into a meal. 

Just Roll With It airs on Disney Channel.

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