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Toymakerz: David Ankin Interviewed

David Ankin is not only an amazing television host, but he has also become a good friend of TVGrapevine’s over the past several years. The car enthusiast is about to head into season four of his hit show Toymakerz and is also working on a digital spinoff, which can be seen on many online outlets.  

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, David revealed that the decided to take on the digital series in order to keep up with the changing times of TV.  Each episode is about fifteen minutes long and talks about racing and the cars that they make. It helps delve deeper into the backstory of what he does and the work that goes into each project. 

In addition, he is hard at work on season four, which is set to premiere later this fall. He teased that we will once again be seeing different cars being rebuilt, including a street legal dragster, a motorcycle and a drifting Mustang. We will also see some other ‘toys,’ but you will need to tune in to see what they will be.

However, despite the success of his show and the beginning of his new web show adventure, there is one thing that won’t change: the love for his family. David has a particularly strong bond with his son, who is entering his teenage years. We will continue to see him growing up on TV and even see him work on getting his own car.  David is very proud of the man his son is becoming and vows to support him in any avenue of life he chooses to pursue. Their bond it like no other and he cannot wait to be there for him through it all. 

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