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Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 9/9/19: The One With The Self Eliminations

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise begins with Dean declaring his love to Caelynn and telling her they should leave paradise together. Everyone is wondering what his motive is and if he is being sincere. 

Caelynn is confused and talks to everyone else to figure out what to do, since she is bonding with Connor. However, she also still seems to have feelings for Dean.

Connor talks to her and says he wants to be with her. He actually makes a good point that Dean might hurt her again, which is the last thing he wants to see.

She has a long talk with Dean and eventually decides to leave with him, which breaks Connor’s heart.

Chris and Katie go on a date. They seem to have hit a rough spot and she is confused about how he feels about her.

He says he is hesitant because he has never been able to express his love and she wonders if he is holding out for someone else.

Chris admits that  is committed to her, but seems to want to take it slower than she wants. He finally admits there is something between them and she is satisfied with his answer. 

They then watch a wedding parade because why not? It leads to them dancing and kissing. 

Matt is in a love triangle, but is a bit, um, inexperienced so the guys give him lessons with a pineapple. Bri and Sydney try to make him more experienced, but he seems more nervous. 

Revian from Colton’s season comes in and I have no clue who she is. Nobody can even remember her name. She goes after Matt, JPJ and Luke, but they are all already forming relationships.  She finally scores a date with Connor. 

They kiss…..we barely see any of their date! Okay then. 

Kristina and Blake seem to be bonding. They discuss their past and where to go next. He is willing to prove he is a changed man, but she is skeptical.

 Kristian tells Katie this experience is like therapy and they express themselves in different ways. Katie asks about the future, but Demi doesn’t want to discuss it. She says she isn’t a PDA person and says that Kristian is flirting with other girls and she doesn’t like it. 

They go on a date, but Demi is feeling confused and insecure. The date consists of them doing some sort of incense ritual and discuss their feelings. Kristian says Demi has nothing to worry about, but Demi is still insecure. They cry and hug and Kristian tells her she is everything and enough.

Awe, JPJ gives Tayshia a prom because she never had one. It’s so cute and sweet. They are falling in love and we get a montage of their time together. 

Blake tries to win Kristina over again with a special date. They have a long talk and try and figure out if they should be together. She is skeptical due to all that happened and he wonders if they are meant to be. She ends up leaving and he realizes he royally messed up. 

Blake can’t stop crying and also decides to leave. 

More tomorrow, stay tuned. 

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