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Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 9/10/19: The Penultimate Episode

Tonight is the penultimate episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone is evaluating their relationships and figuring out the next steps. There is a lot of drama, a lot of crying and of course, a lot of emotion…and that is the first ten minutes. 

Demi and Kristian have a heart to heart.  Both of them are confused as to where the other stands and it seems as if they aren’t sure where to go from here. Demi is worried about being in a same sex couple and how people will react. Kristian is understandably hurt by this. 

While everyone continues to bond, a date card arrives for Hannah. Her clue is to choose someone who feels like home and of course she chooses Dylan. Their date consists of spending time in the community and declaring their love for one another. 

Clay and Chris take bets on when Dylan and Hannah get engaged. 

Connor was hoping that Whitney would show up, but alas she does not, which causes him to leave. Of course, she arrives as he leaves. Go figure. She is there to see him and leaves when she finds out he left. This leads to her going  to his hotel to see him and hopefully work things out. 

They decide to spend time together and seem to hit it off….and share a kiss. 

Clay and Nicole go on a date, which doesn’t quite go how either one of them planned. Clay is more realistic, but she is ready to get engaged. They spend time dancing and kissing, but it seems like there is no way they are on the same page.

Tayshia and JPJ recreate the Titanic drawing scene with JPJ in a Speedo and necklace. It’s a denim Speedo  and….sure. It’s goofy and fun and so them.

Chris and Katie also question where they stand.

Rose ceremony.

Bri turns Luke down, so he goes home. 

Dylan to Hannah.

Clay to Nicole.

JPJ to Hannah.

Matt to Bri.

Demi to Kristian.

Chris to Katie.

Chase to Angela.

Revian, Haley and Sydney go home. 

Chris Harrison tells them this was the last rose ceremony and that tonight is the Fantasy Suite night and they must decide their fate.

Matt and Bri break up, as do Chase and Angela.

JPJ and Tayshia break up….which makes everyone cry. 

Dylan and Hannah go to the Fantasy Suites.

Nicole and Clay go to the Fantasy Suites.

Demi and Kristian go to the Fantasy Suites.

Katie and Chris go to the Fantasy Suites…..despite some moments where it looked s if they would break up.

Finale next week, stay tuned!

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