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America’s Got Talent Semifinals Results for 9/11/19

Tonight is the last results show before the finals on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Eleven acts performed last night and five will move on to the finals.

Ryan Niemiller Emmane Beasha and Alex Dowis are the three acts in danger. The Dunkin save will put one in the finals, the judges will save another. 


V. Unbeatable, Don Chambers and Chris Kalfford are called to the stage. Only one of them is moving to the finals. That act is…..V. UNBEATABLE!!

After some filler moments and a performance by Piff The Magic Dragon, we get to some more results. 

Lukas and Falco, Marcin and Detroit Youth Choir are the next called to the stage. Only one will make it to the finals. Detroit Youth Choir makes it to the finals!

Voices of Service and Luke Islam are the next to find out their fate. The next act in the finals is Voice of Service!! Anyone else crying? Not only because of their reaction and because of the fact that they made it through on the 9/11 anniversary, but because of Luke. That kid is the biggest class act I have ever seen. He went right up to them and hugged and congratulated him. I want to shake his hand and thank his parents for raising such a gentleman.

Dunkin save is closed. The act saved is Ryan Niemiller. Emmane looked so happy for him, despite being sad about being in danger. Another one who deserves praise for being raised well by her parents.

The judges save is next. 

Gabrielle wants to save Emmane.

Julianne wants to save Emmane.

Howie wants to save Alex. 

Simon wants to save Emmane. 

Emmane is in the finals. Alex is so sweet in congratulating not only her, but all of the finalists. 

Finals next week. Stay tuned. 

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