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Sammi’s Favorite Things: APOTHIA

TVGrapevine recently talked to Ron Robinson, the creator of APOTHIA. The man behind this marvelous scent revealed that will soon be celebrating its 19th anniversary. APOTHIA is a scent meant to make women feel sexy, feminine and sensuous.

He took a unique step in order to make sure it was something women would enjoy. In 2000, he did a blind scent test with 200 women, including prominent names in Hollywood. He polled how they felt about each scent and soon came up with APOTHIA.

The scent is available in different forms and he also has several home scents in his collection. It can be found online, in NYC and in LA. He also recently redid the bottle in time for the scent’s anniversary, giving it a sexy, more modern look.

More details:

Earlier this month, APOTHIA releases their wildly popular IF personal fragrance with a beautiful, modern look ready for 2020. APOTHIA, created by combining “apothecary” and “utopia” is the RON ROBINSON designed signature collection of fine perfumes, home, and body fragrances. The scent speaks to the serenity and beauty of paradise, using the California lifestyle as a muse. Now, one of the top-trending scents in the beloved APOTHIA home and personal fragrance collection unveils a brand new chic aesthetic aimed at communicating the elegant sophistication of this longtime fan favorite.

In perfect “Ron Robinson” style – always one step ahead – he created the fragrance by communication with 100 different women across the United States to come up with its alluring bouquet. With input from Hollywood’s elite, such as Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Macy Gray and Lila Ford – the final essence is a zesty grapefruit with sparkling yuzu, on top of four exotic flowers and supported by a deep, clean Pacific Musk.

Today, IF eau de parfum continues to win the hearts of the “it” crowd all over the world. Its delicate mingling of fresh, light, and sensual notes still evoke the mystery and possibility of the question, what if…? Described as “heavenly,” “incredible,” “lovely,” “sexy,” and “unlike any other,” APOTHIA’S best-known fragrance now unveils a new visual element that is a. nod to its enduring legacy and a 2020 vision of tomorrow.

Today’s IF eau de parfum bottle has evolved to a matte white clean look of simplicity, contrasted with a pearlized white label and chrome silver lettering, which embodies both the elegant sophistication and fresh, modern appeal of the scent. Available for home – including the aromatic diffuser ($90) and all-new Air Mist ($38) – and body – including the eau de parfum ($95) and roll-on pure oil ($64) – enjoy the dazzling, romantic scent of IF anywhere and everywhere.

Explore the full collection of APOTHIA fragrances, along with the
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