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Big Brother Recap for 8/25/19

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother will not only reveal who is on the block, but will also reveal the prankster for Prank Week. 

Christie is playing another week, so she plots with Holly and Michie to put her up as a pawn and target Nick. She tells them that Tommy and Nicole won’t go after them. 

However, Cliff wants Christie to protect him and Nicole so he can save her. Cliff then tells Nicole, Michie and Holly this plan,making it look like this is a new alliance being formed. 

Holly also plans to target Jessica or Christie in case Nick saves himself with the POV. 

Cliff, Nicole and Jessica now must face a punishment since they were the bottom three in the HOH competition. they have to make pies and throw them in people’s faces on command. They also must smash pies in their own faces. The lucky pie recipients are Tommy, Nick and Christie.

Right now the plan is to use Christie as a pawn and possibly backdoor Nick unless they put him up. The main concern they have is what will happen if he wins. Holly and Michie also toss around the idea of putting Jessica up on the block. 

The house learns about the Prankster competition and wonder who has the power. Holly only has to nominate one person since the prankster has control of one of them. she debates on who to put on the block and still wonders what to do about Nick…especially if he has the new power. nick strikes a deal to save Michie if he gets POV and the prankster puts him on the block. 

LO AND BEHOLD NICK IS THE PRANKSTER! He tries to keep it a secret, but most people figure it out. 

Nomination time! Holly picks Nick and nick picks Christie to go on the block. We will have to tune in Wednesday to find out what happens. 

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