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Big Brother Recap for 8/18/19

Tonight we continue the HOH competition on CBS’s Big Brother. Kat has been evicted and is now in the jury. The rest of the house, minus Tommy, are doing a slip and slide competition. 

While they compete, they show last week’s drama with the alliances. Jessica asks Analyse about the alliance, but she denies any such thing exists. Jessica also tells her that people think she is after Michie, causing Analyse to cry to Holly. Everyone is listening in, so they go upstairs with Christie, who continues to play both sides. she denies the alliance, but knows full well it exists.

Michie and Holly get wind that they are targets. Holly goes to talk to Christie and Analyse, ultimately throwing Jessica under the bus.

Back to the competition! Nick starts off well, but loses steam. Cliff keeps falling and Michie strips and ends up winning. He wants to put Christie and Analyse up, with Christie as the target. He wants Analyse there as a pawn because she isn’t a threat. Cliff talks strategy with him, coming clean about the deal he made. Michie says he has nothing to worry about. 

Holly wants Nick on the block, but Michie says it would be better to have Analyse since she doesn’t pose a threat. There is also talk about putting up Tommy, but they realize they will need him later so they decide not to put him up with Christie. There is also a plan to backdoor Nick, who let word out that they want to. Bring Cliff into the alliance. 

Christie hints that she and Tommy knew each other before, but no one pays attention. 

Oh, and Analyse is taking full advantage of being a chicken for her field trip punishment. 

Nomination ceremony! Christie and Analyse are on the block. Tune in Wednesday to see what happens during the veto comp. 

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