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Big Brother Recap for 7/17/19

Tonight is yet another night in the Big Brother Household on CBS. Last time, we saw Cliff and Jess get put on the block, and alliances start to fall apart. We also saw Christie win the Diamond Veto, which allows for the POV winner to choose a new person to go on the block. 

We are in Day 22 in the house. There is a lot of chatting going on and it seems like alliances are being reformed and people want to get rid of Nicole. Everyone is making her out to be the bad guy, leaving her confused and blind sighted. Isabella and Nick seem to be running their mouths the most, especially to Tommy. 

Christie and Analyse are just as bad and make up more stories about Nicole. 

Nicole is also banned from the HOH room, where Sam is now part of the new alliance of Und9able. 

Ovi tries to defend Nicole, but is also banished. 

Nicole will be the replacement nominee. 

Ovi seems to be yet another target, despite the fact that he is only a CC. Jack seems to especially not like him and wants him gone.

Nicole has finally had enough and breaks down. She also tells Isabella off and tells Nick he is being dragged down due to Isabella’s manipulation. Tommy finally sees what is going on and is on Nicole’s side.

POV competition! Jessica and Cliff are playing, along with Kathryn, Nick, Michie and Christie. Kaitlyn from season 20 is the host. It’s some kind of haunted puzzle thing and they have to put it together in the least amount of time to win.

Kathryn wins! Christie is happy too, but decides to not use her special power. However, she ends up having some weird breakdown, so who knows?

POV ceremony! Jess is saved and replaced by Nicole. Tune in tomorrow or see who is evicted. 

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