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Big Brother Recap for 7/10/19

It is Day 17 in the Big Brother house on CBS. When we last left our houseguests, Jessica and Kemi were nominated to be put on the block. 

Now Nicole knows Isabella blabbed about the alliance and is none too happy with the news. Isabella promises she is safe. 

Kemi tried to clear the air with Jackson, who says it sucked to have to make this decision. They hug it out, but Kemi has plans to not only have fun….but do a little game playing of her own. 

Nicole tells Jessica about Isabella blabbing. They agree it was a b**ch a** move. Jessica is more determined than ever to win at this point. 

David and Ovi are discussing what they will do if one of them gets back into the house and plan on using the social game to their advantage. 

EARTHQUAKE! Everyone is scared, but thankfully safe. 

David and Ovi put on their Camp Comeback uniforms and show them off to the rest of the house. Everyone thinks are they are adorable. 

POV competition. Jessica, Kemi, Sam, Isabella, Jackson and Michie are playing. Nicole is upset that she didn’t get chosen for ‘houseguest choice’ because she could have saved her.

Tyler from last season hosts the POV competition. It has a beach theme and they must collect frogs  and stack them together without them falling. They also have to fill a water bucket to get more time. Winner gets POV and a trip to Fiji. 

Sam wins! He thinks this is a good and bad thing…good because of the power, bad because everyone knows he has it. Kemi and Jess are both pleading their cases as to why they should be saved. 

Sam finds out his grandpa died and everyone hugs him as he cries. He decides to keep playing in honor of his Pop.

POV Meeting! Sam keeps the nominations as is, causing Nicole to stress out and Kemi and Jess to rally to get people on their sides.

More tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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