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Sammi’s Favorite Things: Van Mark Jewelry

Need a gift for the man in your life? Van Mark Jewelry has the answer!

Van Mark Jewelry is a curated line dedicated to sport fishermen enthusiasts, ocean lovers and those looking to take a commemorative piece of the ocean lifestyle home with them. Founder Mark Steven Lloyd sells a lot of these gifts to mark fishing trips and trophy fish, with beautiful designs that represent a lifestyle. One can choose from sport fish designs as well as more subtle nods to the nautical theme including hooks, rope and beach-themed palm trees and shells. Of his designs and journey, Mark says, “Surviving a recession starting in 1989 when I opened up my business and then surviving the economy crash of 2008 was challenging, but I lost some of my competition, which helped me in the long run. Through my designs, I hope to bring awareness to our oceans and the wonderful life that lives within it.”

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