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Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 16, 2018

It is episode six of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. When we last left our heroes, Shannon and James were put on the block by HOH winner Ari. Everyone wants Shannon gone, but will the POV put a wrench in their plans? We will see!

Shannon is very upset for being on the block and thinks they are giving her more credit than she deserves for being  a strong player. James thanks Ari for not backdooring him.

Am I the only one who thinks of something else when they say backdooring someone? Am I the only one with a dirty mind?

Anyway, Shannon is pissed at everyone….especially her former final four crew Ross and Marissa.  She keeps going on and on about it and Brandi finally tells her it isn’t personal.

Omarosa and Shannon began fighting and it reminds me of a girl fight in high school. Omarosa finally tells her it is a game and she knows it better than anyone. Shannon calls BS and keeps crying.

Mark thinks she can still win POV and needs to stop.

Shannon whines. (Take a shot every time she whines?)

Omarosa thinks Shannon is a dangerous player. Oh, and she never slept with Trump…but apparently other girls from Celebrity Apprentice did? Is that what Brandi said?

James is giving a strip tease as he goes to shower and…ok then!

POV competition….Ari, Shannon, James, Ross, Omarosa and Brandi are all competing.

Awww….Metta is cuddling with a stuffed owl.

Omarosa tells Shannon that originally, Marissa wanted to backdoor her and to try and win the POV.

James tells everyone that Omarosa told him that everything is changing and James is the target, so now Ross wants to put her on the block—but isn’t sure if they should do that or put Mark up instead.

Omarosa denies this when she is confronted, but James says she said this, causing them to fight. I tune out because it is the same thing all the time. STFU already!

So now Brandi is aligned with James…which she regrets because he is obnoxious. The plan now is to get rid of Omarosa next….and why don’t they just backdoor her now? I’m so freaking confused.

Metta rejects Shannon’s offer of an alliance because she didn’t let him see his wife.

Ross and Brandi plan to save James and add him to their final five deal with Ari and Marissa. He doesn’t like this idea, but goes with it with a plan to protect himself.

Julie surprises everyone with messages from their families. Metta’s reaction is so cute!! I guess it was Omarosa’s birthday? Okay, this all made me cry…’s too cute. I lost it when Ari’s dad made her a video from his hospital bed.

Omarosa talks politics and I don’t care.

POV competition!!! It’s a cooking in the dark competition where they have to identify food they are sprayed with while going through obstacles. It is disgusting AF and all you need to know is that James wins.

There is a debate on who will replace James on the block. It seems like they are wanting Mark, but also consider putting up Omarosa.

James uses the POV on himself and Mark is the replacement nomination.

Mark and Shannon both state their cases as to why they should stay. Shannon babbles on about saving the animals and not the right time for this….

Ross votes to evict Shannon.

Marissa votes to evicts Shannon.

Omarosa votes to evict Shannon.

James votes to evict Shannon.

Brandi votes to evict Mark.

Metta votes to evict Shannon.

Shannon is evicted from the Big Brother Household. When she goes to talk to Julie, she says she feels betrayed by several members of the household.

HOH competition. They are in seats on a basketball court wall. The last one sitting wins and the first three to drop get slop.

More Sunday. Stay tuned.

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