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The Bachelor Recap for January 22, 2018

Tonight is week four of ABC’s The Bachelor. This week, we open with the girls realizing how real this situation is becoming.  They also wonder if Bekah’s age will cause Arie to send her home. Apparently, there is a 14 year age difference, which the girls think is a huge deal.

However, before we deal with all that, we head to Tahoe. The girls are excited and go off to get ready to go to their new digs. They all love it there, especially Kendall, who is in love with the taxidermy motif.

Date 1: Seinne’s clue is ‘time to let love soar.’  They go parasailing over the water and she says she likes him, but not quite there when it comes to love.

They enjoy wine and good conversation afterward. They seem to really be bonding, which is sweet…especially since they didn’t seem to get much time together yet.

The conversation continues at dinner and she gets a rose.

At The House: Maquel leaves due to the death of her grandfather. She is understandably heartbroken and my heart goes out to her.

Date 2: This is the group date, which is for everyone except Bekah. She is happy, but Krystal is upset because she thinks Arie needs a woman, not a girl.

They do some sort of camping adventure that leads them to an oasis with wine and a hot tub. Everyone eventually makes it there and the mingling/bonding/making out portion of the night begins.

Krystal continues to cause problems with the girls and somehow still appeal to Arie. Whatever, I am over it now.

Tia gets the rose, which upsets Krystal.

Date 3: They go horseback riding and explore Tahoe. They then enjoy wine and quality time in the hot tub.

At dinner, they talk about life and she finally reveals that she is 22. He seems worried about the problems that can arise because of her age. However, he is willing to give her a rose and see where things go.


Cocktail Party: Chris Harrison tells them the party is cancelled and they are going straight to the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony: Bekah, Seinne and Tia all have roses.

Krystal takes Arie aside for one last appeal to keep her in the game.

Lauren, Kendall, Ashley, Becca, Chelsea, Jenna, Jacqueline, Marikh and Krystal all get roses, mening Brittany and Caroline go home.

More next week. Stay tuned!

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