Big Brother 15 Updates "Big Brother Spray Tan Time" 9:00 AM BBT, Monday, 8-05-13

Big Brother 15 Updates "Big Brother Spray Tan Time" 9:00 AM BBT, Monday, 8-05-13

On the porch Andy, McCrae, and Judd are watching and laughing as Amanda has to go spray tan again. McCrae says that it is cold out here and he feels for her.  Andy says she got off light with no tanning last night.  Amanda tans and then the guys start laughing and saying that it was worth it to get up to see it.

Andy is in the shower now and he asks if Jodi ever got a chance to take a shower in the house.  Judd asks if it is cold enough to wear jeans.  Andy says that it will warm up.  It is just the earliest that they have been up in awhile.  Judd comes to the door to ask about clothes.  Jessie says that it is going to warm up.  She and Spencer are on the porch.  Spencer says he is going to wear jeans for the ceremony.  She says she is going to wear black shorts and a top.  Spencer asks if she is talking to him and she says yes.  He says that he doesn't really give a sh*.  It is sarcastic joking.  Jessie says that Spencer looks good and is at a healthy weight.  Jessie asks him if he gains weight if he doesn't eat right or if he stays the same weight.  He says that it is actually a little heavy for him.  She says that he looks good.  

Judd, Elissa, and Candice are all grooming while Andy finishes his shower.  Spencer, on the porch, says that he is going to take a shower when his clothes come out of the washer.  Spencer says that he is going to get a glass of milk and see if that settles his stomach a bit.  He says 16 minutes.  

Candice is called to the DR and she says Big Brother, five seconds.  Jessie is going in to do her hair.  Andy comes out of the shower dressed in last night's clothes and says that the shower is open.  Judd says not anymore and steps in it.  Jessie starts singing a bit and we don't get FISH.  Every little thing.....

Spencer is in the storage room now.  He comes back to the sofa and Elissa comes in and tells Spencer that she must be hard to deal with and they must hate her in production.  They put woman products on the counter with her name on it.  It is especially mean because Andy and he stole her name tag off of some important items that they left for her.

Elissa goes on about how Andy is so jealous of Spencer  because he wanted a showmance and the biggest showmance on the show was Spencer and Howard and all Andy wanted was a Ragan and you got a Howard.  Spencer agrees.  Andy wants his microphone and Elissa says that he should get a penalty vote for that.  Maybe they are waiting for a good week to do it to him.

Jessie says that she has never hosted anything so this is going to be fun.  Jessie is trying to figure out the time they have been here and she says one week before debut.  She is doing her hair with the curling iron.  Elissa is doing make-up.  Andy walks by and Elissa sticks out her leg.  Andy laughs.  He says what if you really tripped me and I fell and ruined my face on the furniture?  She says that would be really clumsy of you.  He walks by Elissa and she offers him some blush. 


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