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The Third Act is one of the newest hits on YouTube. Starring the amazon Susan and Jody, this dynamic duo speaks to not only the 50 and older crowd, but to women in general. They are funny, witty and talk about topics we all wonder about, yet are sometimes too afraid to discuss. 

Susan and Jody hit on topics such as finances, divorce, family and everything in between. They, like many of us, are trying to figure it out along the way. They know things are always changing, but try and find the best in every situation. Their goal is to let women know they are not alone in this world and that there are many others who are facing the same thing and dealing with the same struggles. They are like the best friend or big sister throughout this series, teaching us, encouraging us and reminding us that they have also been there and got through it with each other. 

However, for me, the best part about the series is seeing the friendship between these two women. The two New Yorkers have been friends for a long time and it is obvious by the way they interact that they truly love and care for one another. It is a friendship that most women spend a lifetime searching for and one that once they have, they never let go. This, as well as their reliability, is what makes this show so successful. They give us hope that friendships like this exist and teach us that having it is what truly makes life wonderful.

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