Wednesday May 24, 2017

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South Bureau Homicide is one of the best, most intense documentaries to come to TV in a long time. Due to air at this week, it will show the LAPD in a new light that people rarely see. It is incredible, intense and I can say that as a family member and friend of cops, a way to see them in a positive light. 

Sal LaBarbera is the brains behind this amazing documentary. His goal was to show a different side of the LAPD, and he certainly succeeded. I don’t want to give anything away, but I can promise you that you will have a brand new respect for not only the LAPD, but cops in general. Sal is the son of a cop and a retired veteran of the LAPD, so he is able to give a unique insight into what goes on within the force. He understands that it is sometimes a thankless job, but knows there are people out there who appreciate what they do and how they go out of their way to help others.

While seeing the film and knowing that Sal was a homicide detective was special in its own right, it was the incredible passion Sal has for his job and the LAPD that is going to make this film stand out from previous documentaries. it is obvious that being on the force meant the world to him and that he has nothing but respect for those he served with while working. I also loved hearing about the bonds he made with people on and off the force, because it shows that he is a compassionate, caring person. Hearing about his experiences completely melted my heart and made me appreciate him, my friends and family and everyone who works in the field that much more. Thank you Sal and all of those who work in the police force.
South Buerau Homicide will be airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET in Southern California and Link TV Nationwide.

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