Wednesday May 24, 2017

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The Amy/Sheldon cohabitation experiment continues, badly. Amy is having some trouble sticking to Sheldon's strict schedule for the bathroom. She argues that she is open to concessions but he needs to compromise as well. 

Penny attempts to moderate, but gets no where. 

Penny and Leonard decide the best thing to do is put some space between them for a little while before they break up.

Penny takes Sheldon and they find themselves bonding over the same complaints they have about their partners. 

They go for ice cream and Sheldon takes the chance to look for other women, but when no one strikes his fancy, he admits he doesn't want to meet anyone else. 

He tells Penny a secret, that he witnessed his father cheating on his mother and it's why he now knocks on doors three times. Since Amy and he have been living together, they have been bickering non-stop and he's worried he will do the same as his father and is trying to prevent her from future suffering. Penny tells him that he needs to fix the pain he's causing now and he realizes she's right.

Leonard tries to comfort Amy by reminding her that Sheldon is difficult to start with, but when things aren't to his specifications he becomes impossible.

But, he reminds her that she is the one who has already got him to change and grow so much already and she has the right to stand up for herself because she's doing what's best for him.

After their time apart, they come back to the apartment to talk things over. 

Sheldon apologizes for his behaviour and agrees to forgo the bathroom schedule. Moreover, he's willing to share a toothbrush holder worth her.

Bernie and Howard are off to Palm Springs for a little getaway. A chance to connect as a couple before the baby come.

The only problem is that Bernie is suffering from terrible morning sickness and doesn't want to sit in a car for three hours.

They decide to do a staycation instead but not tell anyone.

Stuart decides to use their hot tub, thinking they aren't home and they watch from the window. Before they have the chance to confront him, Raj shows up and startles Stuart. 

Raj demands to know why he's there and Stuart admits that he's been using their hot tub when they aren't home for a while.

Soon they are enjoying the tub together and chatting and Raj admits he's single since the women he was seeing have broken up with him and he was too embarrassed to tell his friends.

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