Olympic Games 2014 Figure Skating Pairs Long Program

Olympic Games 2014  Figure Skating Pairs Long ProgramOlympic Games 2014 

Figure Skating Pairs Long Program


The Pairs long program is four minutes and thirty seconds long. In Pairs skating, there is a list of seven required elements. They are as follows:

  • A Step Sequence
  • A hand to hand lift take off (usually a Lasso lift from either a forward or backward entry). A hand to hand means that the man cannot lift the lady by say her foot or thigh.
  • A Death spiral that is from a backward outside edge entry. This means the lady will be going backwards and leaning on her outside edge of her blade
  • A double or triple split twist. Most of the top couples do a split triple twist. Look for tight form in the ladies and a clean exit (not “crashing” down on to the man’s shoulder)
  • A spin combination that must have at least one change of foot and one change of position
  • A throw jump. In the short program, the top couples will do a throw triple. While several of the top couples have a throw quadruple, this throw is not allowed in the short program
  • One side by side solo jumps. Again, the top couples do triples



  • Music: Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schonberg
  • I may be biased but I absolutely love this program
  • First element is their split triple twist, solid
  • Nice speed into their sbs triple toes. NAILED!
  • Here’s a gorgeous throw triple Lutz
  • Very pretty gorgeous catch foot into a backwards outside death spiral 
  • Straight into their pair spin combination
  • Sbs spin, camel, back sit. Very good synch
  • Lovely spread eagle into serpentine lift
  • Speed into their sbs double axel into a second double axel. A bit far apart but landed!
  • Back entry into lasso lift into catch foot star, nice easy exit
  • Nice throw triple sal. Slightly two footed
  • Axel entry into another lasso lift, good and clean
  • LOVE their star position lift
  • Traveling lift good
  • Not as dynamic as it was in Boston but they’ll take it!
  • Score:  110.31



  • Music: Oz - The Great and Powerful
  • Love her dress
  • Nice speed into sbs triple toe, not synched
  • Split twist triple… it’s hard to see as she twists the opposition direction
  • Double axel attempted, singled (he), she fell
  • Sbs spins good, sync
  • Nice death spiral
  • Nice dance lift
  • Nice speed into step lasso into star lift
  • Fell on the throw triple loop
  • Forward takeoff on the lasso, struggling a bit
  • LOVE that back entry into a press there. She could use a bit more stretch
  • A throw triple Lutz, landed cleanly
  • Pair spin combination. I enjoy their positions in it
  • Score:  103.01



  • Music: La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi 
  • Lovely fast dance lift
  • Nice speed into the split triple twist, possible crash down
  • Sbs triples, he missed the second part of the combination
  • Made the double axel…. She stepped out of it
  • Interesting catch foot into the forward inside death spiral
  • Catch lasso was decent. He turning 
  • Nice spirals, though he could use some more stretch
  • Fell on the throw triple loop
  • Nice press into lasso then switch to one handed star
  • Fell on the throw triple sal
  • Not as complicated step sequence
  • Nice star lift!
  • Good sync on the camel into sit, change of foot, lost sync once that happened
  • Slow pairs spin
  • Score: 86.22



  • Music: Love Theme [from Romeo and Juliet] by Nino Rota/Romeo And Juliet Act I, Scene I by Sergei Prokofiev/Stradivarius by Edvin Marton
  • Her dress is beautiful
  • Music is overdone… sick of R&J being done
  • Huge triple twist
  • A little far on those sbs triples
  • First throw, high throw triple loop but probably two footed
  • Lovely  death spiral
  • Good stretch and speed in these sbs spins but some loss of sync
  • Fairly basic lasso lift
  • Stretch into throw triple sal, she goes down. Looks like she had it and then just leaned bak
  • Pair combination has good speed, though traveling a bit
  • Sbs triple sals into double axels
  • Very nice rotational lift
  • Nice speed into this sit press star lift into a catch foot, him on one leg
  • Score:  94.35


Stefania BERTON/Ondrej HOTAREK (ITY)

  • Music: Dracula by Philip Glass
  • Sbs triple toe/double toe/double toe
  • Split triple twist, not quite full rotated
  • Sbs fell on the triple sals
  • Sbs spins had a loss of sync
  • Lovely choreo into ? sorry stream cut out
  • Swing throw into star lift
  • Lovely stretch into back outside death spiral
  • Back entry into the lasso lift into a Detroiter
  • Throw triple landed cleanly
  • Axel entry into lasso lift to a catch foot
  • I love Dracula but all of Glass’s compositions sound exactly the same
  • Score: 115.51



  • Music: Skyfall [James Bond soundtrack] by Thomas Newman
  • Gorgeous split triple twist
  • Sbs triple toes she stepped out a bit
  • Attempted quad two, two footed almost stopped it
  • Good sync in sbs spins
  • Sbs triple sal, her hand down
  • Back entry into lasso into split one hand
  • Lovely dance lift into throw triple sal. Solid landing
  • Huge stretch into the spiral back outside spiral
  • Lovely speed into the final pairs spin. 
  • Press star lift into a carry lift with great speed
  • Forward lasso into catch foot into one handed
  • Score: 120.38 (Personal/Season’s best)


Vanessa JAMES/Morgan CIPRES (FRA)

  • Music: Angels And Demons [soundtrack] by Hans Zimmer/Heaven And Hell by Vangelis/Requiem For A Dream [soundtrack] by Clint Mansell 
  • Heavy landing on that split triple twist
  • Good speed across the ice
  • Sbs triple toe/triple toe, she fell
  • Lovely spiral into sbs triple sal
  • Nice entry into the backwards death spiral
  • Great speed on their pair spin
  • Lasso into star, catch foot
  • Not a lot of speed on that high throw triple flip
  • Sbs spins, great job on synch
  • Nice dance lift into their throw triple sal
  • Axel entry into a one handed hip lift
  • Swing throw press star lift him in a lunge
  • Amazing ending!!
  • Score: 114.07



Maylin WENDE/Daniel WENDE (GER)

  • Music: Your Highness [soundtrack] by Steve Yablonsky
  • Split Double twist
  • Throw triple sal
  • Sbs triple toe/double toe. She stepped out didn’t do the double,
  • Sbs double axel, he falls
  • Sbs spins in the corner (hate!) but good sync
  • I think it would make a prettier picture if her hair was down in like a half ponytail
  • Nice spirals 
  • Step up into lasso lift, to a catch foot
  • Sit press into a star lift. Interesting exit
  • Throw triple flip that was two footed 
  • Lasso lift with change in direction. I could use more stretch in her legs from her
  • Nice death spiral
  • Decent pair spin, could use a bit more speed
  • Score: 107.00



  • Music: Alice In Wonderland [soundtrack] by Danny Elfman/Everlasting by Two Steps From Hell
  • Very lovely throw triple twist
  • Sbs triple Lutz landed fully!
  • First lift, lasso to catch foot, one handed exit
  • Back outside edge death spiral
  • A little slow in their pair spin but dead centered
  • Not a fan of his outfit but lovely eggplant color
  • Sbs triple sal, she fell
  • Axel lasso into star catch foot, slide throw exit
  • Nice throw loop
  • Leaning, hands down on the throw triple Lutz
  • Swing through on the star lift
  • Lovely spiral into their footwork sequence
  • Sbs spins, good speed and unison except at the end
  • Score:  127.32



  • Music: Fellini Medley by Nino Rota
  • Good speed into a split triple twist
  • Sbs triple toe into triple toe
  • Sbs triple sal, him possibly two footed
  • Nice stretch into back outside death spiral. Lovely position from her
  • Good speed in their pair spin
  • Throw triple loop was huge, possible free leg touching
  • Gorgeous Ina bauer!
  • Lunge into star lift, catch foot, swing down exit
  • Good star lift, him on one foot
  • Sbs spins are really fast but did have a bit of a loss of unison
  • Dance lift into a throw triple sal
  • Lung on his part into a star lift, into a split Detroiter lift
  • That definitely was the skate of their careers for them! Good!
  • Score: 131.18



  • Music: Polovetsian Dances [from Prince Igor] by Alexander Borodin
  • One of my favorite pieces of music
  • Sbs triple toe loop, Vera has issues
  • Sbs double axels, double axels. Very far apart
  • Throw triple flip, her leaning forward
  • Very nice forward inside death spiral
  • Sbs good, would like to see them just a bit closer together
  • Gorgeous spiral from Vera
  • Nice and big triple twist 
  • Back entry into the sit lift into a one handed back lift
  • Huge throw triple loop but hand down
  • Dance lift into a back star lift, to a catch foot
  • Third lift was a very nice one handed lift
  • Not a fan of their interpretation of this piece
  • Final pair spin with an interesting ending
  • Score: 129.94



  • Music: Yellow River Concerto
  • HUGE split quad twist
  • Sbs triple toe, hand down for her
  • Sbs double axel, hard fall for her
  • Too far apart on the spins but out of sync
  • Nice pair spin
  • Huge throw triple loop
  • Lovely spiral
  • Good speed into a throw triple sal
  • Nice star lift into split Detroiter
  • Very unique position on the forward inside death spiral
  • Nice lasso lift, to a catch foot star on one hand
  • Final lasso lift to a star carry lift
  • Score:  125.13



  • Music: The Addams Family [soundtrack] by Marc Shaiman 
  • First element is a nice split triple twist
  • Nice speed, a big throw triple flip (two footed?)
  • Sbs triple toe /double toe/double toe. Landed but a little fudge
  • A reverse lasso
  • Sbs spins have great unison and close!
  • Lovely catch foot spirals
  • Lovely play with the music
  • Sbs double axel
  • Lasso rotational lift
  • Nice slow sequence
  • Cartwheel entry into that lift
  • Huge throw triple sal. GREAT
  • EXCELLENT! Just threw it down
  • Score: 143.47 (!!!!!)



  • Music: Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Opening with a huge triple twist!
  • Sbs triple sals that are clean
  • Sbs triple toe/double toe, slightly out of sync
  • Very nice death spiral
  • Sbs spins had great speed and unison
  • Slightly waiting to catch up with the music
  • Huge throw triple loop, hand down
  • Love the opposite facing spirals
  • Throw triple sal was just high and tight
  • Reverse entry into the lasso to a reverse star lift
  • Interesting position in their pair spin, a tiny bit slow
  • On handed lift and exit right in time with the music
  • Reverse back star lift
  • Well it was good, one tiny area… I preferred their team-mates in this flight
  • Score: 152.69



  • Music: I Dreamed A Dream [from Les Miserables] by Claude-Michel Schoenberg
  • These two are retiring after this performance. Such a huge contribution to the sport of pairs skating
  • Sbs triple /double… landed but step outs
  • Sbs triple toes landed much cleaner
  • Nice and tight split triple twist
  • Outside death spiral, could be lower
  • Sbs spins, out of unison then back in again
  • Nice spirals into their reverse entry lasso a one handed hip lift
  • Throw triple sal that was just textbook
  • Throw triple loop again was just perfect. 
  • Press into a one handed hip lift
  • Nice dance lift to go with a great section of music
  • Difficult entry into the star lift
  • Final pair spin, great speed
  • Score: 136.58



  • Music The Nutcracker by Petr I. Tchaikovski
  • Huge throw triple flip, landed cleanly
  • Sbs triple toe/double for her, he fell on the first jump
  • Lovely death spiral, could be a little closer to the ice
  • Good unison and space on these sbs spins
  • Nice and high split twist
  • Dance lift into nice double axels, though a bit apart
  • Reverse lasso into one handed catch foot
  • Nice speed into a press entry into a the lasso, to a broken leg Detroiter
  • Nice speed in their pairs spin
  • Spread eagle into a one handed star, love her stretch and split
  • Not a fan of this cut of the Nutcracker
  • Huge attempt at a throw triple axel but she fell
  • Score:  136.14



Silver: Ksenia STOLBOVA/Fedor KLIMOV (RUS)

Bronze:  Aliona SAVCHENKO/Robin SZOLKOWY (GER)

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