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Jeremy Abbott completed his long program today at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Although he did not get a medal for his figure skating, he still inspired many with his drive, determination and overall positive attitude. 


TVGrapevine recently talked to Jeremy in a conference call before the Olympic Games. Below are some

of the highlights of the chat.


1. He learned so much from his experience in Vancouver and it has helped him prepare for his games in Sochi. He says he has a better idea of how to handle the pressure and had an organized plan to keep him calm and focus during the competition. He also prepared for Sochi by looking at old performance videos so he knew where to improve and what positive aspects to focus on. 


2. His advice for kids is to never give up if you have the passion for it and believe in what you want. Keep pushing for what you want, but remember there are highs and lows and there will not always be immediate success. 



3. He is taking everything post-Sochi event one event at a time. He isn't sure if he will go to Japan for Worlds, but says that it is a place he loves to visit and compete in, so he hopes it is a possibility.


4. He hopes to see the other competitions and maybe even take in a hockey game during his time in Sochi. He especially wants to see the aerial and half pipe competitions. He had planned to do this while in Vancouver, but ended up getting sick and missing out on the other events. He looks forward to taking in as much as he can and more of what Sochi and the Olympics has to offer.


5. He keeps in touch with his fellow skaters through a special texting app because it was hard to send mass texts via iMessage. He says they talk daily in an ongoing conversation to keep each other motivated, offer moral support, make each other laugh and of course, send pictures of cute animals.


Thank you to Jeremy and his team for this opportunity and thank you for all you have done in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. 


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