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Bree Williamson is known for her incredible, dramatic acting, particularly in soaps such as One Life To Live and General Hospital. She captivated audiences with each role and always leaves viewers wanting more. It is no different with her latest role as Briana in the Lifetime movie Mommy’s Little Boy, where she plays an alcoholic, drug addicted mom who gets into a lot of trouble.

The movie, which premieres this weekend, tells the story of a mom, Briana, who neglects and abuses her son Eric. She also forces him to do things that are unthinkable and scary for any child to endure. Bree says that this is a role that she has never done before and it was very interesting to play. She says the role was very raw and challenged her in ways she never though imaginable. I won’t get into many details about the role, but it is one she plays so well that I would be shocked if she doesn’t get nominated for an award for her work!

The most interesting part? Having to film General Hospital at the same time! As she was filming Mommy’s Little Boy, she was also going back and forth to Los Angeles (MLB was filming in Canada) to film her stint on General Hospital, where she was playing the devious Claudette. The reason why it was so interesting was because the roles were polar opposites. For Claudette, she had to be in full hair and makeup while dressed to the nines, but as Briana, she spent no time in the hair and makeup chair. She adds that it was a chaotic time, but one that she loved. 

As for whether or not she will return to General Hospital remains to be seen,but as Bree says ‘you never know!’

Bree is amazing in anything she does, but this role puts her acting on a whole new level. Be sure to tune in and let us know what you think!

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