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Matthew Wade is an up and coming superstar in the music business. Talented and handsome, he is taking the world by storm as a member of the band My Silent Bravery. He recently talked to TVGrapevine about his life in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

THE BEGINNING: Matt first got interested in music when he was 18 years old.  He was assigned a high school project where he had to learn about something that was of interest. He wrote a song and played the guitar, which was later played on the hit teen drama One Tree Hill. 

Up until that point he was mostly into sports and went to a school with a pretty heavy work load. He was glad for this experience because it allowed him to find a new interest just in time for graduation, where he was getting ready to go on a new journey.  

He went on to go to college, but continued to pursue music on the side. His music aspirations eventually took a back seat and he went on to continue on in sports. In 2001, he was injured in Australia, which led to him coming back to the USA to be treated. 

Once he realized the treatments weren’t working, he turned to Kaballah for guidance. This eventually led him to realize that his purpose was to pursue music in a positive way. 

HIS MUSIC: All of Matt’s songs have a positive message with its own influence. Some have a more spiritual message, but he wants the overall positive message to be accessible to the masses. His goal is to inspire and help people through his music. 

He describes the style as acoustic, pop and rock driven, but says several of his songs are more than that. He looks to Dave Matthews, Bob Marley and John Mayer for inspiration and would also love to work with Eminiem, who he describes as a lyrical genius.

NEW ALBUM: His new album is called Diamonds From Coal and featured the hit single On My Side. He plans to release the next single Forever next month. 

He also plans on releasing a remix album with previous songs next yea, which he says will show a side of him people have not yet seen.

Matt also plans to go on tour in order to promote the albums.

Thank you to Matt for this interview and be sure to keep checking back for updates on his flourishing career.

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