The Bachelorette: Recap For July 29, 2013

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Recap For July 29, 2013

Hello and welcome to the shocking first part of the Bachelorette finale on ABC. Tonight promises to be one of the most epic starts of a season finale in the show's history. We have been guessing for days as to what is going to happen…will she get rejected? Will someone turn out to be an alien Men In Black style? Will someone reveal that they have an evil twin? (With how dramatic they are being, it can happen!)  Most important, will Desiree survive this dramatic turn of events? These questions, and many others, will be answered on tonight's episode of The Bachelorette.

We get a look at the journey and her bond with each of the remaining three men. It is nothing we don't already know, so I fast forward though it, get a cupcake (red velvet) and pour myself a glass of wine. (Moscato)

Date one: Drew
They are both so excited as they explore Antigua. They take pictures, limbo and just enjoy each other's company. Over a picnic, they talk about families, love and make out.

The Des-producer dinner planned date was supposed to be on the beach, but it rains so they go to the Fantasy Suite….so if they forgo their separate rooms they can share the room together. He says yes and can't wait to wake up next to each other….he doesn't want to giver her up. (let her down, run around and desert her.) He wants to show her how he feels as she leads him into the bedroom.

Okay, anyone else find the Fantasy Suite rooms kind of meh?

He is ready to propose and makes her feel like a princess. She wants to give him the world.

It's getting hot in here…..yes, they actually say that….headdesk.

He is confused about his feelings and decides to talk to his family one more time before he goes out with Des. He says that he is uncomfortable proposing at this point. He wants to be in love but isn't sure. His mom says that if he doesn't know by now then he knows the real answer as to what he should do. His family admits they like Des, but want him to make the decision that is right for him.

His family says they will support him no matter what and they will always be there for him. However, they agree he has to tell her the truth.


Date two: Chris
They go on a helicopter and do a tour of the island. He is truly, madly, deeply in love. (And now I have that Savage Garden song in my head.) He points out the colors he sees and says he loves sharing this moment with Des.

As they fly, she thinks about his family and what it would be like to be with them.

When they land, they have a wine picnic on the beach and talk about meeting his family. He tells the cameras how much he is in love and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

At dinner, there is more wine, toasting to the past two months and their future together.

Speaking of the future….he tells her about his job in Seattle and asks her if he is willing to settle down there. She says she is willing to make it work since she can work from anywhere. She says if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you find a way to make it work.

Chris is more in love with her and shares his favorite parts of the journey. She tells him what he has taught her.

Just as she says she wants more alone time with him…..they get the invite to the Fantasy Suite. He says he wants to keep it simple, watch the stars with no expectations.

Of course, no date will be complete without a Chris poem….as they go into the Fantasy Suite.

Brooks 2:
Brooks meets with Chris Harrison to have a chat. He confesses about how confused he is about his feelings for Des. He says he was falling in love, but once they got to the hometown dates he realized that he is not ready to make such a huge, life changing decision.

Chris asks if he is in love with her. Brooks says he isn't sure. He says if he doesn't feel it now, he doesn't think he will. Honey, honey…you've known her eight weeks! This is normal.

Chris asks again if he is in love. Brooks says there is something that isn't there. Chris asks him more questions about being in love, if his past had anything to do this etc. Brooks says this is nothing new for him (to be in love) and he is not afraid to commit. He wishes it were with Des, but it's not. Chris tells him to be honest with her and hopes he finds the right words.


When it comes time for the date, she has a nice relaxing day planned for them. She talks about how much he means to her and how in love she is. They hug and he tells her they have to talk. He tells her what he loves about her and how happy he is to have found what he is looking for. He then admits who confused he is, causing her to break down in tears. He says he doesn't feel it and she cries even more. He keeps rehashing that he wants to feel it, but he doesn't. She is completely heartbroken and to be honest, I really feel for her. Especially when he says he still does care about her…..this is really bringing back memories from my last real heartbreak. He holds her a bit as she cries.

After they say goodbye, she runs away in tears. He is also in tears. As he leaves he says she is amazing and he hopes she finds what she is looking for.

Join us next week for the second part of this epic Bachelorette finale. Goodnight. 

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