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Tonight on Survivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers, the tribe returns back to camp without Cole, who was voted out.  Having played his idol at the last Tribal Council, Mike rationalizes that he didn't want to go home with an idol in his pocket, and now he feels that he might be a block of two right now.  He knows that he has a target on his back, and he decides that he might be on the bottom, but that he won't be for long.

Jeff calls the tribe for a reward challenge. They will use their feet only to construct a set of blocks in a circle tower and then place a flag in the middle. The reward is an arial tour of the island and then a dinner of cheeseburgers and fries.

They first untie the bag with their feet, and then start to work on their foundation.  Lauren is off to a fast start and Mike is in it as well. Lauren holds a fragile lead, with Ashley and Chrissy working to take it from her.  Mike is gaining on Lauren as she works carefully to place her second layer. Mike completes his second layer right behind Lauren. Lauren is in the lead with Mike on her tail, and Ashley is right in it.  Mike takes the lead and is working on the top level with Lauren, Ashley, and Chrissy moving quickly.  Mike is now getting the flag with his feet, and as he tries to mount the flag, he drops a block. Lauren takes the lead now and works to mount her flag, hovering over the hole.  She wins!

Lauren gets to choose a person to bring with her.  She decides to bring Devon. She is offered another and chooses Ben.  When she is given a final choice she chooses Ashley. Her rationale is that she is bringing people she can form a tight alliance with as the group of seven begins to crumble.  

On the seaplane, the four circle camp.  Mike feels that the reward challenge was his to win and he lost it.  He decides to work with Joe to stir things up while Chrissy and Ryan plot.  Ryan says that he and Chrissy are playing a strategic game of looking ahead and feel that they need to take Ben out soon.

Lauren drops mustard on her clothes and admits that she has not had a bath in twenty days.  She tells the others that the seven is not going to last forever.  She feels that JP, Chrissy, and Ryan are too comfortable.  They all share what they know.  Devon tells that Ryan has an idol, and Lauren tells that she has the advantage in play.  Lauren says that Joe and Mike need to stick around a bit longer so they can take control of the game.  Devon is surprised to find that Lauren is as good at strategy as he is and he decides to stick with him.  They discover that they have letters from home.  Lauren loses it and tears up.  She is not here just for herself, but for her daughter's future.  She feels this bonds the group.  

Jeff Probst jumps in from his couch in his living room reminding viewers that this could be them, but they must apply to be on the game. Back to the recap.

It is day 27, and Ben reads his letter feeling that the words speak aloud to him.  He feels that his wife saved his life.  His family has given him the gas and fuel he needs to play the game.

Ben sees a rock and when he uncovers it, he finds a clue to a clay pot that will hold an idol.  He has a mission and an objective to get the job done.  He is sweeping the area looking for the pot looking for anything out of place.  He sees the clay pot in the middle of the hook of a tree and getting a limb, he breaks it and locates the idol. He decides to tell no one since no one on the island can keep a secret.  

Jeff calls the tribe for an immunity challenge.  They will balance on a triangular platform out in the water, and at points move up on the platform. They are out if they touch the structure or fall off.  He offers the group an indulgence to feast on peanut butter and chocolate if they skip the challenge.  Devon, Ben, and Lauren decide to sit out the challenge. The rest are going for immunity.  He tells them that there is no way they will eat it all, but they can eat what they want until the challenge is over. The waves pick up and it catches them.  Joe is struggling and JP stretches. JP is the first out.  At the twenty minute point they must move up to the top level. They can use their hands to rebalance and then they are back to no hands.  Chrissy loses it, and Joe is out as well.  Mike is sideways, Ashley is head on in a surfer's position, and Ryan is balancing on one foot and the toes of the other.  Ryan can't hold his position and is out.  Ashley is rock solid and Mike is holding.  Ashley has movement, but Mike has fatigue and loses his grip.  Ashley wins individual immunity.

Ashley is happy that JP, Ryan, and Chrissy did not win and she feels giddy about the vote, and how they will put their plan in motion.

Chrissy feels that the alliance of seven is strong and she really wants to take out one of the coconut alliance in Joe and Mike.  Devon feels that Chrissy, Ryan, and JP are too comfortable and Ryan is a threat because he has an idol, Chrissy is a strategist, and JP is too good at challenges.

Devon, Ben, and Ashley talk privately.  Ben is to vote out Mike and that will keep him on the middle. His job is to stay on the inside of JP, Chrissy, and Ryan.  Lauren says that they have no idea that they are going to blindside them.  The seven will be blown up and there will be fireworks when they return to camp tonight.

Mike says that he and Joe are two votes to be a two vote block and they are a package deal, buy one, get one free.  Ryan says that they don't have to line up with everybody, just somebody.  Jeff asks if this is the calm before the storm and Lauren says that this is the perfect storm.  Chrissy says that they all have different relationships with each other.  Joe says that he is the missing vote that they need. He says that the seven don't let them play and they are a block of two.  Lauren says that they are not sitting at the fire asking who is going next. JP says that at times you are looking too far down the road that you fail to see what is in front of your face.  Chrissy says that you have to play the game 24/7.  Devon says that you have to find people you trust in the game so you can relax for a bit.  Ben says that finding trust in a game of distrust is the difficult part. Chrissy looks to find loyalty and trust in the game with a few people.

The votes:
Jeff asks if someone wants to play an immunity idol. None is played.
Mike, Joe, Mike, Mike, JP, JP, JP, JP, JP.  Ryan is shocked to see the votes play out.  Lauren and Devon cannot hide their smiles. Jeff says that based on the shocked reaction Mike had it right. It happens when you do not expect it to happen. He sends them back to camp.

Back at camp, Chrissy asks what happened. Ben tells her to be happy that it was not her. Chrissy asks when the plan was crafted and Devon says that he will not answer her. Chrissy is frustrated by the people she thought were friends treating her with disdain.  Ryan takes another tact and thanks them for not making it him.  Ben says that Joe and Mike are taking credit for the vote and they were just good puppets.

Lauren says that now Ryan and Chrissy are on the bottom and they know it.  Devon talks to Ryan and Ryan feels that he must repair his trust with Devon.  Devon tells him that he did not know about the vote because he lied to him about telling him that he was the only one he told about the idol.  He says that information scared him. Devon wants to win the million and has his own plan.  Ryan is not a part of it anymore.

Devon says that up to this point his game has been cloudy, but it is clear now.  He says that if they vote off one more person they will have a clear majority.  Devon feels he is sitting in the best possible seat in the game.

Jeff calls the tribe to a new reward challenge. They randomly divide into two teams of four, paddling out in the water to gather puzzle pieces on the way. The winning four will enjoy a shower, massages, eating chicken and veggie wraps with key lime and pecan pie. They have to get everyone in the boat and Blue gets an early lead. The red team cannot get the bag since it is heavier than Ryan who is trying to load it into the boat.  Blue gets all the puzzle pieces bags and head to shore. Red gets their puzzle pieces and both paddle to shore, moving the three bags up the beach.  Blue has more strength and Chrissy and Ryan struggle with one bag.  The next step is to get all the logs pushed through a tunnel which pushes out puzzle pieces out the other side. Lauren is a work horse in the challenge shoving logs through with her whole body.

Mike and Chrissy work the red puzzle while Ben and Ashley work their puzzle. Ben and Ashley have to shift pieces and Red catches up.  Ben and Ashley find their rhythm and finish the puzzle first. Ben, Joe, Ashley, and Devon get the Spa package.  Joe feels confidence in getting some food and a massage and now feels he has an alliance to work with.

Devon is happy to recharge and watches as Ben plays his part of being on the outs with his group.  He says that he is messing with Joe.  He asks if they had this plan from the get-go and Devon says that he would rather just move on.  Joe feels that Ben is getting his just desserts since that is what Joe had to put up with.  Ashley marvels at Ben's performance and Ashley and Devon joke about Ben putting one over on Joe.  Ashley feels her gameplay has evolved and that big move has put her in the position of this being her game to lose.

At camp Chrissy says that the challenge was fun. Ryan laments that he can't win a veggie wrap.  He wants to try to work with Mike and see if they can get the numbers by getting Mike to commit to their side. Mike says that he has gone from the bottom to the top with the alliance of five. When Ryan tries to recruit him, Mike tells him that he went to Ryan every day for a week to work with him and he had his chance. Mike feels that it is a buck late and a dollar short.

Chrissy tries to talk to Lauren and says that she and Ryan have talked about going to final three with them.  She asks Lauren if they can start having conversations and Lauren tells us that she jumped ship once and won't jump again.  Chrissy says that she opened the topic and Lauren didn't bite. She knows she is in trouble and she does not want to be voted off.

It is raining and Chrissy is having a hard time.  She struggles with losing control of her fate in the game.  She says that this has been her dream for the last sixteen years. Mike offers her a hug.

The tribe gathers for the immunity challenge.  They groan as they see the challenge. They must use a survivor driving wheel to move a key in a vase through a set of obstacles. If they drop the vase they must return and start again. They must head over a see-saw and around a turn and over a ramp.  They can then use the key to unlock puzzle pieces that they have to carry using the survivor driving wheel to get them to a bin.  Then they can return for more. Ryan and Lauren are behind.  Ben and Devon are already working the puzzle and some are not even over with the key. Ben looks at other puzzles and Ashley takes a huge risk to carry eight pieces in one run. It pays off and puts her back in the game.  Chrissy has a good sense of the word in the puzzle and begins building.  Ben looks over and sees the word she is building and takes off, changing his letters. Chrissy has a head start however and she finishes first.  She wins individual immunity.

Chrissy feels that she is on top of the world controlling her destiny tonight. Ben is not worried that Chrissy won it because they have three others to vote out.  His group figures that they will vote out Joe. Devon brings the group together to suggest that they tell Joe that Lauren has an extra vote and they want to vote three-three for Ben and Ryan.  They will actually vote out Joe.  

Chrissy and Ryan bring to Ben that they want to take out Devon and Ashley and think that tonight it will be Devon.  Ben tells us that it is tiring to play the role, but tonight he will feel that he has a balloon in one hand and ice cream in the other when he votes Joe out. Behind his back, Lauren and Ashley speak about putting Ben out since he is making big moves. Devon is brought in and thinks that it may be a ruthless move to vote out Ben.  He says it is between Ben and Joe. Ben is in his alliance so he really wants to think it through.

It is night thirty and Tribal Council meets. Desi, Cole, and JP join them as the jury. Mike says that he is living a dream and his tribe vibes him. Chrissy says that she has been trying to play Survivor since 2001.  Joe says that Tribal is exciting because you test your alliances. Ben says that the two rogue knights and the jester have joined up and he feels he is going home. Joe says that it was never seven and it was never King Ben of seven but King Ben with kings and queens around him. Ben says that he called them goats and other things and he is calling them kings and queens because they are a part of his alliance now.  Jeff says that Survivor is a white board and just after you get a plan, you have to redo it. Ashley says that the amount of ups and downs are impossible to anticipate.  Chrissy says that even if an alliance is strong you look for the cracks and Ryan says that it is like Prom.  You go with someone but find someone else you like better.  Joe says that he trusts that he is safe with his alliance. Ben says that every comfortable alliance gets blindsided.

The votes:
Jeff asks for an immunity idol and Ryan offers his up.  Ryan is safe tonight.  Ryan, Ryan, Ashley, Ashley, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe.  Joe is the eleventh person voted out and the fourth member of the jury.  Joe says, "Well played." They say good-bye to him and Chrissy says that it was an incredibly tight alliance. Jeff says that it is two Tribal Councils where the vote did not go as it seemed. He sends them back to camp.

JP and Joe speak:
JP says that they got him "really good." Joe says that they had an alliance of five, and he obviously wasn't one of them. He played his own game and not someone elses. He looks forward to seeing who pulls it off.

Next episode:
Love brings everyone together but it is everyone for themselves. The loved ones join them and they must pair off and run down the beach.


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