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Hi everyone ~! Get ready for another cut-throat week of Survivor! This is a fun week of TV for CBS.  

I missed last week so I am playing catch up. Wow, I just don’t know what happened for them to take out Dezi, she was a power house, but I am sure they are just picking off the strong physical people.  I have to go back to find out how Lauren got her secret advantage.  I hope she does great things with that advantage.  These guys are loosing their minds telling others about their idols, especially Ryan telling Devon…Devon?  He is a huge blabber mouth.

So here they go, trying to play for a super duper reward. Food wine and Beer. They drew for teams…JP is the big time power threat. He jumped off a ladder, never came up for air and in tied his buoy.  Looks like they had a great meal.

I am surprised, the red team won, Mike Cole Chrissy Joe and JP got to get on a beautiful yacht. Not particularly my favorite survivors as Joe and Chrissy are the villains of the entire team.  The team on the island just mooned those on the boat.  Now Ryan tells Ben he has the idol. He thinks he will have power until they all know he has it. He just can’t keep his mouth shut.

Joe is out there digging again for an idol. Joe is starting to irritate the others and picking a fight with Ashley calling her a goat.  He is a bully.   Yep I knew it, Ben and Devon just compared notes and realize Ryan told them both ‘they’ were the only ones that knew…know they know that but ryan doesn’t, yet!

Immunity challenge, looks like a new challenge. Having to hold a vase  while standing up on a small box balancing long sticks on their shoulders. Instantly people drop their vases.  The vase full of water is over a small fire pit, when it falls, it douses out their symbolic fire in the game.  Though it doesn’t look like a torcher challenge the last four are in pain! Lauren and Cole are left. Yipppeee! Lauren wins her first immunity challenge.  She is my favorite survivor this seasons, so far. This will certainly be a good tribal counsel.  Looks like Dr Mike is going to try his hand at putting his idol out. The gang of 7 are all getting mad at Ben. He is telling people the way they should vote, and Ashley, Chrissy are getting really mad.

Jeff does such a good job pulling out the loud mouth grievances they all have. And oh boy, they are mad at Dr. Mike.  Where do the numbers really lie?  Somebody is about to be blindsided…Mike, Joe, and Chrissy are in cahoots…who plays their idol?  Mike plays his.  Cole gets 5 votes, Jeff stops there and off he goes. Don’t think ill miss him, he was disgusting in his eating habits, and just wasn’t really worth keeping him anyway.  

For some reason, they all wanted Dr. Mike out, they didn’t even get to any “joe” votes that I was hoping for, so maybe next week. So far, I do believe Ryan still has an idol, and Lauren has a secret advantage still in play.  Happy thanksgiving to you all. Enjoy your day.  



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