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Tonight on Survivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers, the tribe returns back to camp without Desi, who was voted out.  Dr. Mike realizes that the Heroes and the Hustlers have banded together to get rid of the Healers. He decides to carefully throw Healers under the bus to keep the target off him.

Lauren is happy that she was able to put her advantage into play without anyone knowing.  Only Ben knows of her advantage, and she wants to keep it that way.  Ryan decides to share the fact that he has an idol with Devon.  Devon and he hug it out when he reveals his secret.

It is day 22 and Jeff calls the tribe to a reward challenge where they will be divided into two teams.  They will have to swim out to a ladder relay style, climb it, and jump back into the water where they will have to release a buoy from under water that contains a key that will unlock a box that contains balls that they can use to sink baskets. The winning five will board a luxury yacht where they will tour the Figi Islands, dining on sandwiches, chocolate cake, and wine.  The Blue team is Lauren, Ashley, Devon, JP, and Ryan. The Red team is Chrissy, Jessica, Joe, Mike, Cole

Red gains a strong lead when Blue has trouble unlocking the key buoy. Joe scores immediately for Red when they free their balls. Blue is behind, but quickly catches up.  It is tied at three-three and Red gets another basket when Joe rings his third basket for the group.  Red scores their final basket and wins reward.  

Aboard the yacht, Chrissy is excited to see the fish in the water. Joe is always playing the game and he digs through the cake right in front of the others looking for an advantage.  There is none and he makes light of it.  Joe is not sure how he digs himself out of danger, but he is confident he can continue doing it. Cole is just happy to have unlimited food, and he digs in happily.

Back at camp, Joe continues to dig for an idol.  Everyone watches him, and Dr. Mike wonders about him digging.  Joe decides to be a pain so that they will figure they can get rid of him at any time. Ashley is fed up with Joe, and when he tells her that she is an ideal goat. Joe says that he did not come for adventure or to make friends,
and he does not respect her. Ashley is so annoyed that she wants to send him home ahead of Cole, and decides to bring it up at the next round table.

Ben is looking for someone to come onboard with him and Lauren to be a trio.  He decides that Devon is a good choice. He feels that Devon has a good soul and a good heart. Ben decides to put his trust in him and tells him the secrets of the seven. He tells him that Ryan has an idol.  Devon is disappointed to hear that Ben knows that, since he was led to believe that he was the only one who knew. This breaks their trust and Devon decides to play the game now with Ben.

Jeff calls the tribe for the immunity challenge. They will have bars on their shoulders that will force them into a squatting position while they balance an urn of water over a fire. Moving too high or too low will cause their pot to drop.  Ashley drops almost immediately.  Dr. Mike drops and then JP drops. Devon looks down the row when Ashley comments on Chrissy's form, and he drops, followed quickly by Joe. Ben is next. Only Chrissy, Cole, Lauren, and Ryan are left.

Chrissy loses it and she is out.  It is now up to Cole, Lauren, and Ryan to outlast the others. Ryan is out next.  Lauren shows some movement and goes to the edge of her tether, but out of nowhere Cole drops.  Lauren wins individual immunity and is safe at Tribal Council.

Cole realizes that he has a target on his back, and he is disappointed that he did not win, but he hopes that the target Joe has created for himself will keep him safe this week. Ben is happy that Cole did not win the idol this week, so he can target him.  Ben talks to Ashley about putting four on Cole and three on Mike. Ashley really wants to see Joe gone, but Ben tells her that this is a one time opportunity to send him home. Ashley does not like being told what to do and she gathers with Lauren and Devon. They decide to tell Ben that they are going to take out Joe and tell him it is not a dictatorship.

Ben tells Dr. Mike that he will be safe tonight, but Mike does not feel safe and decides to join the campaign to send Joe out.  Ben feels that Joe is going to continue to be a target and that people play with their hearts and not their heads. Joe is a heart move, Cole is a head move. The rest of the alliance does not agree.

At Tribal Council on day 24, Joe says that he is not a part of the round table and his game is done. Cole says that he is not involved in any strategy or game talk at this point and it is him, Joe, or Mike going home.

Chrissy says that Joe has insulted her and Ashley and Mike joins in to say that he is playing the game with morality, and Joe is not. Mike says they will have to justify their votes tonight.  Chrissy says that they have to vote tonight for future game and Mike asks who she is playing with and she says, "The seven." Lauren reminds Mike that in talking he is digging a hole for himself, and he doesn't have to talk at all.  

Jeff says that it is a society building, not just a community, but the relationships. Jeff points out that Cole has even shrunk his body as if he wants the others to forget that he is there. They discuss that Joe and Mike are talking.

The votes:
Jeff asks if someone wants to play an immunity idol. Mike plays his immunity idol and plays it for himself.
Ben, Mike, Mike, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole.  Cole is the ninth person voted out and the second member of the jury beside Desi. Jeff points out that alliances are the cornerstone of Survivor, but as numbers dwindle, it becomes harder to keep those cornerstones in place. He sends them back to camp.

Cole speaks:
Cole is thankful for the opportunity to play the game and says that he regrets nothing.  He hoped that Joe's target would save him for another day, but he looks forward to spending time with Jessica. His day out with Jessica is a highlight and he hopes that it was only one of many to come.

Next episode:
The alliance of seven seems set in stone, but it is about to crumble.


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