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Tonight on Survivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers, the Heroes and Hustlers have banded together to eliminate the Healers. With eleven left, they want to maintain the advantage. Cole is surprised that Jessica was blindsided, and says that as a fan of the game you have to admire that.

Ben wants to keep the Hustlers and Heroes together until they get to seven, but he worries that just one person in an individual game can mess up that plan.  
Lauren finds a rolled up paper in the bamboo of the shelter that ends up being an advantage, and she learns that she can hold back her vote at the next Tribal Council, and use it as a double vote on a future Tribal Council.  She must, in front of the others, get the advantage into the urn and hide her voting slip for future use.  

Jeff calls the tribe to a reward challenge. They are playing for a trip to a private island where they will enjoy spaghetti, bread, salad, and red wine. The players will draw rocks and the one with the white rock will get to join the winning team since they will be unable to compete. Joe wins the rock lottery.
They must climb a rope ladder and launch sandbags with a slingshot to a target. They must eliminate five targets to win.  They must do this in a relay fashion and only one can be on the platform at a time. Blue has a strategy where each player is only shooting one shot before leaving the platform so they can get their best shot up there. Red is shooting until they hit a target. Blue quickly gets to four while red gets only to three. Blue gets the win when they raise the last flag. 
Jeff announces that there is a twist in the reward. Each player will serve family style, from a common bowl, one at a time, dining in private, so no one will know how much they have chosen to eat, and how much they have chosen to leave for the others.  Joe, as lottery winner, will choose the order of the diners. 
Joe decides tht Devon will go first and Joe will go last.  He is trying to build a relationship with Devon, and thinks that this will help. Devon eats a bit more than his fair share and JP goes second. Third is Cole and he wants to get back at people who stabbed him in the back, so he eats a great deal of food.  He finds a clue to the idol and then covers it up with a napkin.  Crissy is next and she actively looks for a clue.  She finds the one that Cole hid, and when Ryan goes next, he finds it and then hides the plate that it was on. Together, Ryan and Chrissy discuss the clue and how it is under their flag. Ryan tells her that he hid the plate. Cole knows they were talking about the clue and he decides to push and shove to get it. 
Back at camp, Ryan waits for a moment to break away when he sees Cole head to the shelter, and while Cole is doing that, he heads to the flag to dig for the idol.  He gets the idol and hides it in his shorts, and while Chrissy is looking for it, Cole tackles Chrissy and moves her out of the way to dig. Ben gets into it while Ryan watches on. Ben accuses Cole of having the idol, and Cole decides to run with it since he has been caught with his pants down digging for it.  He thinks that the threat of having it may keep him safe. 

Jeff calls the tribe for the individual immunity challenge.  They must stand on a narrow beam while balancing a statue on a long pole against a board. At intervals they must extend the distance by moving farther away from the board. Mike is out in the first move, and Joe is out second. Down to nine, the players look for a sweet spot, and Devon falls off the beam. Lauren loses it with one small movement and Ryan loses it. They are still in the first round and all five remaining make it to the second round. Ashley is out next and Ben starts wobbling, recovering, but JP begins wobbling as well. JP recovers as well, but Chrissy loses it out of nowhere. It is Ben, Desi, Cole, and JP. Ben is out next. Desi loses her concentration and drops.  It is between Cole and JP, and JP recovers.  Cole begins to move, but JP loses it and Cole wins individual immunity.  Ben looks disappointed. 

It is day 29 and Chrissy says that it totally sucks that Cole won the individual immunity, but on the bright side there are still three other Healers to choose from. They just have to come to an agreement on who the unlucky Healer is going to be. 

It is day 29 and someone will be going home. Cole is so stoked that he won the challenge and will be here. He feels that the Healers are a sinking ship and that if they do not do something, they will be eliminated. The Heroes and Hustlers decide to split their votes between Desi and Joe, who may hold another idol. 

Cole tells Joe that he does not have an idol for him, and Cole tells him that if the others split their votes thinking that Joe has an idol, if they vote as a block they may pull this off.  Ryan says that if Ben gets to final three he may win, but doing that would alienate Chrissy who has trusted him.  

Joe and Ben have an argument when Joe accuses Ben of swearing on the Marine Corp. Ben says that he did not and Joe pushes the right buttons to irritate Ben. Ben says that there are thoughts and other things that he has to deal with every day, and Joe just keeps pushing the buttons and the others find it unsettling. Desi hopes that this will take the heat off her. 

Lauren tells Ben about her advantage and explains that she cannot use her vote tonight since she needs to save it for later. Ben says that it is a blessing and a curse. Ben goes to Dr. Mike and tells him that they need him to vote with them. Dr. Mike talks with his group and lets them know that they can use this as an opportunity to vote out Ben.  

Jeff calls them to Tribal Council.  Joe says that he always feels the heat at Tribal Council. Ben agrees that he is a threat to Joe, but he has an alliance that will have his back. Joe says that Ben causes trouble and Ben apologizes to Joe, but says that Joe is pushing his buttons. Desi says that people manipulate words to make them mean what they want them to say.  Dr. Mike says that feelings get hurt. Ben says that he has been though a lot like any other vet, but it is easy to get overwhelmed, and he is still working on his anger issues. He says that he let Joe bring out his anger.  Desi says that there are moral lines, and some people have told at least one lie. Devon says that he is high energy, but he has been a zombie today. 

Jeff says that their Tribal Council tonight has been an amazing journey. He calls for the votes.

The votes:Jeff asks if someone wants to play an immunity idol. None is played. Ben, Lauren, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe. They are tied. They must revote and both Desi and Joe cannot vote. Everyone else must vote either Desi or Joe.
Desi, Joe, Desi, Desi, Desi, Desi. Desi is the eighth person voted out and the first member of the jury.  She wishes everyone good luck. Jeff reminds them that if it was a roller coaster as the theme for the night there are still a lot of loops and turns ahead of them. He sends them back to camp.

Desi speaks:Desi says that she hates losing, but she realizes that she was not a part of anyone's plans to move forward, so she has to accept being voted out of the game. 

Next episode:Lauren is armed and dangerous, and Ryan admits that he has an idol and it may sink his game. 


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